Christian Horner denies Sergio Perez ‘plan’ as Lewis Hamilton demands upgrades

Lewis Hamilton has called for serious discussions at Mercedes as Red Bull’s win streak continues.

The British Grand Prix of the 2023 Formula 1 season provided fans with a plethora of noteworthy moments. 

Max Verstappen continued Red Bull’s dominant run, securing his eighth win of the campaign and sixth consecutive victory, matching McLaren’s long-standing record of 11 consecutive wins. 

However, there were several other key talking points from the race day at Silverstone.

Lewis Hamilton, who benefited from the Safety Car’s appearance, securing a podium finish by overtaking McLaren’s Oscar Piastri, expressed his concern about Mercedes’ performance. 

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Acknowledging the recent resurgence of McLaren, Hamilton emphasised the need for serious discussions within the team regarding their future course of action. 

He stated, “We have a lot of work to do. I think I know exactly what we need to do, and I think we’ve got to have some serious conversations about what are we going to do moving forward.”

Speculation had been circulating about the possibility of Red Bull considering their reserve driver Daniel Ricciardo as a replacement for the struggling Sergio Perez. 

However, Christian Horner dispelled these rumours, asserting that a return to Red Bull for Ricciardo is not in the team’s plans. 

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Horner clarified, “It’s not something that we’re planning, that’s for certain.”

Pierre Gasly, before his retirement due to contact with Lance Stroll, found himself involved in on-track battles with both Stroll and Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz. 

Following the race, Gasly confronted Sainz in front of the cameras, expressing his dissatisfaction with the Spaniard’s aggressive manoeuvres and cautioning him, “Don’t push me like that.”

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While Verstappen celebrated his victory, he playfully teased his competitors, Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris, by highlighting areas where he hopes to see upgrades in Red Bull’s RB19 challenger. 

Although the banter brought laughter, there is genuine concern among Hamilton, Norris, and other rivals as Verstappen confirmed that upgrades are indeed coming for the next race in Hungary.

In a lighter moment, Lance Stroll humorously suggested settling his differences with Gasly in the “parking lot” following their crash at Silverstone. However, it was a lighthearted remark, implying a tough race day for Gasly.