Christian Horner compares himself to Man Utd football legend when asked about Toto Wolff tensions

Red Bull Racing have won nine out of 13 races in 2022.

Red Bull Racing are currently in a position beyond their “wildest dreams”, with the Austrian team having a dominant lead in both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships.

Christian Horner’s side look set to claim their first Constructors’ title since 2013, with Ferrari having to somehow bridge a 97-point gap to catch the leading side.

The story is similar for Max Verstappen in the Drivers’ Standings, with the Dutchman looking highly likely to retain his World Championship.

Verstappen sits 80 points ahead of Charles Leclerc, with the rest of the top six looking very much out of the title picture.

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With the team building on from their controversial 2021 success, it’s hard to argue that team principal Horner has played a huge role in taking the Austrian team back to the top.

Horner has faced constant criticism over recent years and has also been involved in a fiery rivalry with Mercedes F1 Team counterpart Toto Wolff.

Despite everything, though, Horner remains determined to win, with the Red Bull boss wanting to do the “best I can” for the entire team.

Horner has seen it all since becoming the youngest team principal ever in F1 in 2005, with nothing appearing to bother him.

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He has been criticised for his mid-race interviews with Sky Sports, and his desire for the budget cap to be increased.

Nothing “bothers” Horner, let alone what others think of him.

In an interview with ex-driver Martin Brundle, Horner likened himself to Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson, who is arguably one of the greatest football managers in the history of the sport.

“If it bothers you, you shouldn’t do the job,” Horner told Brundle.

“My job is to do the best I can for the team and the people I represent. If I look at someone like Sir Alex Ferguson, I doubt he ever worried about what perception other managers or people thought about him in the sport.”

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Horner will be hoping that his team can continue their fine form when the summer break comes to an end, with the Belgian Grand Prix on 26-28 August representing the start of a triple-header for the paddock.

Spa is followed by the Dutch Grand Prix, where Horner may face questions regarding Verstappen’s Dutch fanbase.

There have been reports of inappropriate behaviour by some fans at recent races, most notably from Verstappen supporters.