Christian Horner Cleared of Harassment Allegations Amid Support from Wife

Geri, also known as Ginger Spice, married Horner in 2015 and has supported him through the unfolding scandal.

Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team principal, has recently faced serious allegations of harassment.

Amidst these challenges, one of his close friends has reassuringly described Horner’s marriage to Geri Halliwell as “Everything’s fantastic.”

Geri, also known as Ginger Spice, married Horner in 2015 and has supported him through the unfolding scandal.

Last month, Horner was cleared of harassment allegations made by a female employee following an internal investigation by Red Bull.

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However, the controversy lingered as alleged flirtatious messages between him and the employee surfaced on social media.

These messages, initially shared with members of the F1 community, sparked further discussion.

Amid these developments, Geri demonstrated her support by joining Horner in Bahrain for the opening Grand Prix, just as the allegations gained traction online.

Bernie Ecclestone, former Formula One chief and a mentor who introduced Horner to Red Bull in 2005, commented on the situation.

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He expressed optimism about the couple’s future, quoting Horner: “It’s peace in our time. And Christian informs me everything’s fantastic with Geri.”

The drama took another turn as the woman who accused Horner filed an appeal against the decision to dismiss her complaint.

Reports indicate she has engaged an American legal firm to represent her.

Red Bull maintains that their investigation was thorough and unbiased, leading to Horner’s exoneration.

They affirmed the dismissal of the grievance but acknowledged the complainant’s right to appeal.

Red Bull Austria, the team’s parent company, has stated their commitment to maintaining high standards in the workplace.

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They emphasized that the investigation was independent and carried out with utmost fairness, ensuring confidentiality to protect all parties involved.

Earlier, Red Bull had launched this investigation upon learning about the allegations, employing an external barrister to oversee the process.

The company underscored the seriousness with which it approached these allegations, pledging to complete the investigation as swiftly and efficiently as possible, while choosing not to comment further to respect the involved parties.