Charles Leclerc suffers another blow as his season gets even worse

Ferrari suffered disaster in Spain, as Charles Leclerc dropped out qualifying in Q1, lining up on Sunday in P19.

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc was visibly disappointed after being eliminated in a heartbreaking qualifying session at the Spanish Grand Prix for the Monegasque. 

Ferrari, which has faced difficulties throughout the 2023 season, was hoping for a positive weekend after a disappointing performance in the Monaco Grand Prix. 

The team had even brought new upgrades to the Barcelona circuit in the hopes of achieving improvements, putting them back in the championship fight.

During the practice sessions, Leclerc had been confident in the car’s performance. However, his optimism quickly faded at the start of qualifying. 

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The track, still damp from earlier rain showers, proved punishing for any mistakes made off the racing line and, throughout the session, Leclerc encountered difficulties and voiced complaints about his rear tires.

As the session progressed, track conditions began to improve, allowing Leclerc to put in a decent lap. However, while others around him were able to find quicker times, he was unable to improve his position, ultimately relegating him to 19th place on the grid. 

Unimpressed with the outcome, the 25-year-old driver conveyed his frustration over the team radio, exclaiming, “We are out, right? Unbelievable.”

In the immediate aftermath of the disappointing qualifying session, Leclerc was unable to provide an explanation for his poor performance. 

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“I don’t have the answers for now,” Leclerc highlighted the challenging nature of the left-hand corners, describing them as “undriveable,” he admitted. 

Leclerc emphasised the need to analyse and understand the factors contributing to the difficulties experienced specifically in the left-hand corners.

The Ferrari team will now focus on regrouping and strategising ahead of the main race. 

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With the Spanish Grand Prix providing an opportunity for redemption on Sunday, Leclerc and the team will work diligently to uncover the reasons behind their struggles in qualifying. 

The analysis and subsequent adjustments will be crucial in enabling Leclerc to showcase his true potential and propel Ferrari to a more favorable position in the highly competitive Formula 1 field.

As the race approaches, all eyes will be on Ferrari and Leclerc to see if they can overcome the challenges they have faced this season and make significant strides towards securing a positive outcome in the Spanish Grand Prix.