Charles Leclerc slams F1 rivals for violating agreement

Ferrari racer Charles Leclerc didn't hesitate to criticise his fellow F1 drivers at the 2023 Singapore GP.

Charles Leclerc didn’t mince words as he criticised his fellow drivers for turning the final sector of the Singapore Grand Prix qualifying into a chaotic ‘jungle.’ 

Despite the challenging conditions, Leclerc managed to secure the third spot on the grid for Sunday’s race, with his teammate Carlos Sainz securing pole position, positioning Ferrari strongly for their first victory since the 2022 Austrian Grand Prix.

Throughout the qualifying session, there was a noticeable influx of traffic around turns 16 to 19 in the final sector of the circuit, as drivers jostled for the optimal position before embarking on their flying laps. 

This congestion led to stewards investigating several drivers for potential impeding, including Max Verstappen. 

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Leclerc was visibly displeased with some of his fellow competitors for disregarding what he described as a ‘gentlemen’s agreement.’

Leclerc conveyed his frustration, stating, “I struggle with the last sector, but it’s nothing new. 

“I’ve been grappling with this car’s dynamics throughout the season. 

“I often find myself needing to adopt an assertive driving style, and occasionally, I may push the limits too far. 

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“However, we must consider the bigger picture, and we are in a more favourable position than we were, for instance, in Zandvoort.”

The Monagasque driver continued, “It’s like a jungle in the third sector now. 

“Historically, there has been an unspoken ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ among drivers not to overtake in the final sector. 

“Unfortunately, a few drivers have not adhered to this rule this season, resulting in moments of chaos because the ‘agreement’ is no longer being honoured.”

Throughout the weekend, it appeared that Ferrari had the pace to challenge the dominant Red Bull team, especially in terms of single-lap speed. 

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However, few anticipated that Mercedes and McLaren would emerge as contenders for pole position, while Red Bull found themselves unexpectedly struggling.

Both Max Verstappen and his teammate Sergio Perez failed to advance from Q2, leaving a three-way battle for the top spot among other teams. 

Carlos Sainz emerged victorious, securing his second consecutive pole position, while Leclerc undoubtedly feels he has a strong chance for victory on race day, especially with Verstappen and Perez navigating heavy traffic to contend with.