Charles Leclerc reveals Bali motorbike ‘mess’

Ferrari star Charles Leclerc visited Bali, Indonesia, in 2018 with a group of friends, the year he made his F1 debut for Alfa Romeo.

Charles Leclerc has been reminiscing about how he bought the only motorbike he owns, with the Monegasque star admitting that it was a “mess” trying to get it registered in Monaco.

The Ferrari driver bought a bike he used on a holiday in Bali in 2018, with this particular machine having been customised by Malamadre Motorcycles.

Leclerc’s bike was available to rent in Bali for $19.26 per day, with the 25-year-old having opted to buy it completely after loving it so much.

“I have one motorbike, customised, which I bought in Bali,” Leclerc said.

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Getting it from Bali to Monaco, though, wasn’t an easy process, with the 2022 Vice Champion admitting that it was a “mess” trying to get it registered in his home nation.

“Even though it was a mess to get it registered to ride there,” he said.

Motorbikes being offered to tourists, or celebrities whilst in Bali, is a common occurrence, with motorbike rentals being incredibly popular amongst tourists in the province.

For Leclerc, though, the bike he bought has sentimental value to him, with the Monegasque’s trip to Bali having happened in the same year he made his rookie appearance for Alfa Romeo.  

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“I had just arrived in F1. And I decided to take all my closest friends on holiday, for the first time outside Europe. We had a great time,” he recalled.

Perhaps the fan favourite will buy another motorbike should he win the 2023 Drivers’ Championship, with the Monegasque having come his closest yet to claiming a title in 2022.

Whilst he still ended last season well behind Max Verstappen, Leclerc showed in glimpses that he does have what it takes to win a title.

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Should he be able to replicate the way he started last season, then the Monte-Carlo-born driver should be able to take advantage of the lessons he learned in 2022, in regard to avoiding unnecessary driver errors.

Ferrari’s 2023 challenger is supposedly one that’ll give Leclerc an incredible shot at the title, with the side’s power unit boasting 30hp more than it did last year after fixing their engine’s reliability issues.

With Frederic Vasseur onboard as well as team principal, the pieces are perhaps beginning to fall into place for the incredibly talented driver.