Charles Leclerc provides Ferrari contract update after fake news response

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc is contracted to the Scuderia until the end of 2024.

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc has emphatically debunked recent rumours suggesting he had inked a new contract with the Italian racing powerhouse. 

Despite the initial reports, Leclerc clarified his position and stated that discussions about contract renewal have not yet commenced. 

He expressed his unwavering dedication to Ferrari’s success while leaving the door slightly ajar to the possibility of exploring other options at the end of his current contract.

Since joining Scuderia Ferrari in 2019, Leclerc has swiftly established himself as a prominent talent within the team. 

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The five-year deal he secured, an uncommonly lengthy contract in Formula 1, signified Ferrari’s intent to cultivate its future around the young and dynamic racer. 

As he approaches the conclusion of his current agreement, with a little over a year remaining, both Leclerc and Ferrari have not rushed into negotiations for a new arrangement.

Contrary to recent French reports that suggested an extension had already been signed, Leclerc set the record straight in an interview with Italian publication Corriere dello Sport. 

He stated firmly, “The discussions about the contract haven’t started yet, but everything is clear to me, I love Ferrari and I want to win here. That is my priority.” 

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Leclerc’s words underscore his deep-rooted affinity for Ferrari and his resolute commitment to achieving victories with the team.

Leclerc’s relationship with Fred Vasseur, the team principal, has further cemented his connection to Ferrari. 

“Apart from the love for Ferrari that has always existed and continues to exist, I share many things with Fred,” Leclerc revealed. 

“We are aligned. I know what is coming and I have faith.” 

These statements allude to a harmonious collaboration and a shared vision for the team’s future.

While Leclerc’s loyalty to Ferrari is palpable, he acknowledged the uncertainty inherent in Formula 1. 

He addressed the possibility of considering new opportunities after his current contract concludes: “The rumours that put me in other teams just means that I’m doing my job well. 

“But I’m indifferent about them because I know what I want. 

“I still don’t know what Ferrari wants from me.” 

Leclerc’s candid response reflects his focus on excelling in his present role while recognising the ever-evolving dynamics of the sport.

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In parallel, Leclerc’s teammate Carlos Sainz also shared his perspective on the future. 

Sainz expressed his contentment and a relaxed approach to considering his next steps. 

He explained, “During the three-week break in August, I will start thinking a bit about what I would be happy with, and then the winter break – which is what I said in an interview a while ago – will be the time to start figuring out where I will be racing in 2025.”