Charles Leclerc mocked on social media

Charles Leclerc finished as the runner up in the 2022 championship despite building a healthy early lead.

The locker of Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc is filled with driving talent and skills, with his pace, race craft and defending all being a part of what makes the 25-year-old such an impressive driver.

Despite the Monegasque being one of the most talented Formula 1 drivers on the current grid, fans have been mocking Leclerc on social media for lacking a particular basis skill.

The Ferrari driver has been spotted in many different locations around the globe and the photos of him and his various cars all seem to follow a trend, Leclerc cannot park a road car to save his life.

A Twitter thread has now being created to document all the examples of Leclerc’s poor parking, with ten different examples featuring so far.

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The examples include the 2022 Canadian Grand Prix, where the Monegasque’s stunning white Ferrari is taking over half of his parking space and also half of the space reserved for McLaren’s Lando Norris.

The photograph that kickstarts the thread shows a custom black Ferrari parked horrifically, being diagonal in the space and not even nearly within the lines.

The worst example in the thread made by @ilpredestinato_ includes what is describes as a triple parking fail.

“Triple fail of parking 1) into the intersection, 2) over the pedestrian crosswalk, 3) overhanging the sidewalk (3/10),” wrote the Twitter user above the photograph.

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Luckily for Leclerc, his inability to park does not hinder him in Formula 1, as there is currently no park of a Grand Prix while gives out points for being able to park the car.

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On the racetrack Leclerc will be looking for better fortunes this year than he experienced in 2022, as his title race was derailed by elements that were out of his control.

The Ferrari power unit proved very unreliable, seeing both Leclerc and his teammate Carlos Sainz retire from a number of races over the course of the season.

When he was able to complete a race, a number of strategic blunders from Ferrari also cost Leclerc a number of points, allowing Max Verstappen to run away with the drivers’ championship.