Charles Leclerc breaks silence on contract rumours as ex-Ferrari boss speaks out

Former Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo yearns for the days when the Italian team led Formula 1.

The legacy of Ferrari’s glory years in Formula 1 under the leadership of Luca di Montezemolo remains a cherished memory. 

Guiding the team through championship victories, including Niki Lauda’s triumphant era, and later propelling Michael Schumacher to unprecedented success, Montezemolo’s contributions to the Scuderia’s history are indelible. 

However, his return as president in 1991 led to the appointment of Jean Todt, who paved the way for Ferrari’s dominant reign in the early 2000s.

Nine years removed from his role, Montezemolo voices his discontent over Ferrari’s recent performance. 

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The absence of championship triumphs since his departure leaves him disillusioned. 

In an interview with Quotidiano Nazionale, he articulates his desire for Ferrari to not only win but also to fiercely contend for the title until the closing moments of the season. 

Montezemolo reflects on past years when Ferrari was a protagonist, listing key seasons such as 1997, 1998, 1999, 2008, 2010, and 2012 as examples of competitive campaigns that shaped the Scuderia’s legacy.

Expressing his support for Charles Leclerc, whose contract with Ferrari is set to expire at the end of the next year, Montezemolo underscores the young driver’s prowess. 

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Montezemolo acknowledges, “He’s undoubtedly talented, and I believe few contenders are stronger than him. 

“Yet, in the current context, the driver behind the wheel is just one facet of the challenges. 

“During my tenure as president, I fostered a dream team that included luminaries like Schumacher, Todt, Brawn, and Byrne.”

Leclerc, who has been the cornerstone of Ferrari since his entry into the team in 2019, has played an instrumental role in shaping its future. 

The extension of his initial five-year contract sent a clear signal that Ferrari aimed to build its foundation around the talented Monegasque driver. 

As the contract’s expiration approaches in just over a year, speculations arose regarding a contract extension.

Contrary to rumours that suggested Leclerc had already inked an extension, the driver himself has set the record straight. 

In an interview with Italian publication Corriere dello Sport, he clarifies that discussions concerning his contract have not yet commenced. 

Leclerc emphasises his dedication to Ferrari, sharing, “My love for Ferrari is unwavering, and my priority is to achieve victory with the team. 

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“Beyond the emotional connection, I share a profound alignment with Fred [Vasseur, team principal]. 

“Our shared vision for the future drives our aspirations. 

“I am well-informed about the upcoming plans and have complete faith in them.”