Charles Leclerc at risk of Lewis Hamilton mockery after copying Carlos Sainz

Charles Leclerc is aiming for a strong weekend at the 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix with Ferrari.

Ferrariā€™s Charles Leclerc has grabbed attention once again, this time for his fashion statement, sporting a sensational bucket hat adorned with bananas. 

The inspiration for this bold choice came from his teammate Carlos Sainz, who had received a bucket hat covered in red chillies from a fan prior to the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona.

Sainz, in his friendly interaction with fans, had been signing autographs and taking pictures before one fan took the tribute to the next level by presenting him with the fiery bucket hat. 

Sainz embraced the gesture and decided to wear it throughout the race weekend, despite the playful teasing he received from Lewis Hamilton, a fellow driver.

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Leclerc has now followed in Sainz’s footsteps, donning his own bucket hat ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix. 

However, unlike Sainz’s chilli-covered hat, Leclerc’s version features a playful display of bananas. 

Although Leclerc does not have a banana-related nickname, fans quickly made the connection to a viral picture from 2020 when Leclerc had donned a banana suit.

Beyond their racing pursuits, fashion plays a significant role for drivers like Hamilton. 

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In fact, the seven-time world champion demonstrated his passion for fashion by launching his clothing line, TOMMYXLEWIS, alongside renowned American fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger during New York Fashion Week in 2018.

Hamilton’s discerning taste in fashion was evident when he voiced his opinion on Sainz’s chilli-inspired bucket hat at the Spanish Grand Prix. 

He jokingly mocked the accessory, exclaiming, “I’ve got this great picture of Carlos. I took a great picture of Carlos earlier. It’s the bucket hat, it’s the worst bucket hat ever!”

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The rivalry between drivers often extends beyond the racetrack, with fashion choices becoming a means of playful banter. 

Leclerc’s banana-covered bucket hat serves as the latest chapter in the Ferrari teammates’ light-hearted competition. 

As the Hungarian Grand Prix approaches, fans eagerly anticipate what other fashion surprises the drivers may unveil.