Carlos Sainz reacts to Pierre Gasly pushing him during interview

Pierre Gasly was in contention for a points finish, prior to his retirement at the 2023 British GP.

Pierre Gasly was left absolutely furious after Sunday’s British Grand Prix, with the Frenchman having been involved in multiple incidents.

The Alpine driver had been having a good weekend until he retired from the race in the closing stages, following contact with Lance Stroll at Club Corner.

Gasly and Stroll spent a large amount of the race together towards the bottom of the top 10; however, the Frenchman had been duelling Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz prior to that.

It was whilst battling Sainz early in the race where Gasly became angry for the first of several times in the race, after feeling like he was pushed off the track on the way into Copse Corner.

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Sainz was narrowly ahead of Gasly as they approached the corner, with the Alpine driver having been on the outside of the Spaniard.

Gasly was somewhat forced to come off the throttle, as he edged closer to the grass.

“He can’t push me like that! F***, he didn’t give me any space!” shouted the Alpine driver over the team radio.

He was furious with Sainz, something he made perfectly clear in the media pen after the race.

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When Gasly came across Sainz doing an interview in the media pen after the race, the Frenchman pushed the Spaniard on the shoulder and warned him: “Don’t push me like that.”

The incident clearly puzzled Sainz, who simply replied by saying to the media: “Huh? Poor thing.”

Gasly’s behaviour was arguably also due to the frustration of having been forced out of the race, after a collision with Stroll broke his rear suspension.

Gasly and Stroll came together twice during the race, with the first incident having seen the Aston Martin driver overtake the 27-year-old off the circuit on the exit of Stowe.

The Alpine star was convinced that Stroll should’ve handed the position back; however, it was deemed that the Canadian hadn’t been given racing room by Gasly.

Stroll was though, given a track limits warning.

Gasly later in the race tried to get back ahead of the 24-year-old, by diving down the inside at Club corner.

Stroll went wide and off the circuit, before rejoining the track and ploughing into the side of Gasly, breaking his rear suspension as a result.

Gasly made his way slowly back round to the pits, where he was forced to retire from the race.

Stroll was slapped with a five-second time penalty and two penalty points following the collision, which left Gasly “extremely disappointed”.

“I’m extremely disappointed to be taken out like that. It seems that everything went wrong for us,” Gasly said, as reported by The Metro.

Interestingly, Stroll was perplexed as to why he was even awarded a penalty, after feeling like he was “forced off the track” in both incidents.

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“I got forced off the track both times I passed him, so I’m not really sure why I got a penalty because I was given no room,” said Stroll.

“I got a track limits for one and I was forced wide and forced wide and then the next time I passed him again I was given no room.

“I was forced wide and then I came back on the track and we touched. If I was given more room I wouldn’t have had to come back on the track and we wouldn’t have touched.”