Carlos Sainz makes Ferrari demand for 2023 season

Ferrari have suffered a number of reliability problems and strategic blunders in 2022.

Carlos Sainz has spoken out on what he wants from Ferrari next year, as the disappointing 2022 season draws ever closer to an end.

Ferrari have undoubtedly had one of if not the strongest car this season; however, they have failed to utilise the F1-75 on a number of occasions.

It became evident very early in the season that the Italian’s had prioritised performance over reliability, a mantra Mercedes followed in 2021.

The Scuderia have faced a number of dramatic power unit failures, two of which cost Charles Leclerc victory.

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Sainz suffered a huge engine blow-up towards the end of the Austrian Grand Prix, whilst attempting to overtake Max Verstappen for second.

As well as reliability issues, Ferrari have suffered an almost uncountable number of strategic errors, which again have cost the team multiple victories and podiums.

It would be incredibly easy for both Sainz and Leclerc to speak out against the team’s strategists; however, they have continued to support those making costly errors.

As a result of everything that has gone wrong for Ferrari this season, they sit 139 points behind Red Bull in the Constructors’ Championship, with just six races remaining.

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Sainz is currently occupying fifth in the Drivers’ Championship and is a staggering 148 points behind Max Verstappen, who can retain his championship at the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix.

With 2022 almost set to end unsuccessfully for the Scuderia, Sainz has explained that he wants to “get into a rhythm” for next season and to end 2022 quietly.

“I would like to have a steady end to the season, especially with the amount of things that have happened to us this year,” he told Spanish outlet Mundo Deportivo.

“I would like to have a quiet last part of the season, with less things happening to us and to be able to get into a rhythm for next year, which will be a new opportunity.”

Despite all that has gone wrong this season, team boss Mattia Binotto has continually denied that the team needs to make changes, something Sainz agrees with.

The Spaniard would like, though, for the team to “learn” from Red Bull, who have done everything “perfectly” this season.

“We have a solid base from this year with a very good car and the team is making progress,” the 28-year-old said.

“We have to try to improve a couple of things like reliability and consistency but we have to keep in mind that this year we have fought against a team like Red Bull that is doing things perfectly.

“We have to learn and be the one to do it like that next year.”

2022 has been a massively missed opportunity for Ferrari, especially given the fact that the team won two of the first three races of the season.

It can’t be forgotten; however, that for the last few years Ferrari haven’t been a frontrunning side, demonstrating that despite their errors this season, they have still made a “big step” this campaign.

“This year we would have fought for the title if we had done things a little better and had had a bit of luck at the start of the season,” added Sainz.

“Why not think that next year there is a new opportunity and it can be achieved? Ferrari, after the big step it has taken from last year to this one, has to set that goal.”

Even if Ferrari had aced everything this season, Verstappen would’ve most likely still built a sizeable gap in the championship.

The reigning World Champion has been on a different level for the majority of the season, with his Austrian side having done virtually everything correctly.

Sainz praised Verstappen for his “great year”, but also identified that Red Bull have been making “important decisions” at the right times.

“Verstappen is having a great year, but also Red Bull is not failing in anything,” continued the fifth-placed driver.

“Neither in strategy nor in making important decisions.

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“They take penalties in races where they know they will have the strongest car.

“They are having a very complete season and that makes them very difficult to beat.

“Not unbeatable and unattainable. Every race we are going to have a chance and we are going to try.”