Carlos Sainz ditches driving for driver

Spanish Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz took a break from the pinnacle of motorsport.

After his triumph at the Singapore Grand Prix in Formula 1, Carlos Sainz made headlines once again, this time for showcasing his remarkable golfing prowess at the recent Ryder Cup All-Star match held in Rome. 

The Spanish Formula 1 driver, known for his smooth driving on the racetrack, demonstrated his magic on the golf course in an event that featured an illustrious lineup of celebrities and athletes.

The Ryder Cup All-Star match, a thrilling prelude to the main event, took place at the picturesque Marco Simone golf course in Rome and featured two star-studded teams. 

Carlos Sainz found himself on Team Pavin, alongside the likes of former soccer sensation Andriy Shevchenko, Super Bowl champion Victor Cruz, Hollywood actress Kathryn Newton, and paralympic golfer and G4D winner Tommaso Perrino.

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In a showdown that left spectators in awe, Sainz faced off against none other than tennis legend Novak Djokovic and Kipp Poppert. 

The smooth operator displayed his golfing finesse by executing a splendid shot from a challenging rough, with the ball gracefully landing just a few feet away from the elusive hole.

Remarkably, this is not the first time Carlos Sainz has ventured into the world of golf. 

He frequently tests his golfing skills with his former teammate and fellow Formula 1 driver, Lando Norris. 

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Impressively, Sainz has even defeated the British driver in a head-to-head match, boasting a score of 5-over par and securing five birdies. 

His performance in the Ryder Cup All-Star match echoed this success, and he appears poised to conquer the golfing world as well.

The commentators, as well as the spectators, were left astounded by Sainz’s golfing prowess, prompting many to rise in spontaneous applause. 

His exceptional skill in the Ryder Cup All-Star match quickly went viral on social media platforms, where countless admirers marvelled at the near-perfect shot. 

Twitter was abuzz with praise for the Ferrari F1 driver, with many referring to him as the ‘Smooth Operator.’

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In addition to the accolades, several individuals drew comparisons between Carlos Sainz and the legendary Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia, noting the uncanny resemblance in their golfing talents.

 Speculation about Sainz’s future in golf also circulated among fans, with some suggesting that if Formula 1 doesn’t work out, he might have a promising career in the world of golf. 

Meanwhile, the internet was flooded with ‘Smooth Operator’ memes, celebrating his extraordinary skills and making him the talk of the sports world.