Carlos Sainz backs up Lewis Hamilton ahead of key vote

There will be a vote in July to decide whether tyre blankets should be banned from Formula 1.

Having the tyres at the right temperature and in the ‘sweet spot’ is crucial in Formula 1, as warm tyres provide much needed grip for the drivers.

There are two ways to ensure that the tyres are up to the required temperature, drivers can either swerve around on track and complete warm up laps to increase the temperature or the tyres can be kept in thermal blankets.

At the moment, the tyres are kept in these blankets meaning that when they are fitted for a qualifying run, the drivers only need to do a lap or two to get them up to temperature.

With F1 trying to be more environmentally friendly, it has been rumoured that these tyre blankets will be banned from F1 in the near future.

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Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has called this ban “pointless,” as he believes it would not be more sustainable that keeping the blankets.

“It’s dangerous. I’ve tested the [tyres with] no blankets and there’s going to be an incident at some stage, so on a safety factor, I think it’s the wrong decision.

“Also, you have to drive multiple laps to get the tyres to work and the whole argument is that taking away the blankets is going for more sustainable and being greener.

“But in actual fact, we’re just using more fuel to get temperature into the tyres.”

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Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz has now voiced his opinions on the matter, agreeing with Hamilton that there are no environmental benefits behind the ban.

“I still don’t understand why F1 is moving away from blankets,” said the Spaniard.

“For me, it makes no sense because you’re burning more fuel to warm up the tyres.

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“In the interests of sustainability, I just don’t understand the philosophy.

“But also, it puts drivers at risk with these lower ride-height cars. It’s the direction F1, the FIA and Pirelli have decided to take, so we need to adapt, I guess.”

It is reported that Formula 1 officials will meet for a vote on the matter in July, with a blanket ban in the sport possibly imminent.