Can Lewis Hamilton Bounce Back From Tough Start Of Season And Close Gap To Teammate George Russell?

Seven time world champion Lewis Hamilton has had a horrendous start to this years season as he finds himself currently losing too much younger George Ruseel in the drivers championship standings. Can the seven time world champion turn his season around the second half of the season? Predictions today for Formula 1 get rolling now!

Lewis Hamilton is arguably one of the best drivers in the history of Formula One. Hamilton has won seven world championships in his F1 career and has also helped Mercedes sit at the top of the constructors championship for the last 7 years. 

Hamilton almost won his eighth world championship last year, but he lost in a massive controversy to Red Bull’s Max Verstapen on the last lap to lose the championship. Hamilton has proven that he is one of the best drivers F1 has ever seen, but he is struggling immensely with the new car this season. Formula One introduced new cars and regulations this season which has shaken up the field immensely. Russel seems to be striving in the new car while Hamilton can’t seem to get comfortable in it.

Hamilton’s Racing Back Story

Lewis Hamilton began his racing career like most of the other Formula One drivers in karting. Hamilton showed he was a natural at racing after winning the Super 1 Championship back in 1995. It wasn’t until 2007 when Hamilton made the jump from Formula 3 to F1. Hamilton began his F1 career racing for Vodafone Mclaren where he had an incredible season and took second place in the drivers standings. 

The following year in 2018 is where Hamilton won his very first world championship with Vodafone Mclaren scoring 98 points in only 18 races. Hamilton would race for Vodafone until 2013 where he then made the switch to Mercedes. Hamilton’s first season at Mercedes was okay as he finished in fourth, but he then won back to back world championships with Mercedes in 2013 and 2014. Hamilton has raced at Mercedes ever since and he has won four more world championships racing for them. Hamilton has dominated the field since 2014 winning six world championships during an eight year span. 

Hamilton took second in the championship in 2016 after losing to teammate Nico Rosberg. Hamilton also took second in the championship in 2021 after losing to Red Bull’s Max Verstapen. Hamilton this season though has struggled. Hamilton currently sits in sixth place in the drivers standings as he has only scored 77 points this season. Hamilton is also getting beat by his teammate for the first time since 2016 after losing to Nico Rosberg. Hamilton has struggled with proposing this year very badly and it has affected his race pace very badly. 

Hamilton and Mercedes are coming off a very good weekend in Montreal where Hamilton found his second podium of the year and the team finished very good in the points. Hamilton and Mercedes are still looking for their first race win of the year, but I believe it is only a matter of time until they find their pace again. 

Hamilton’s Next Step

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What is Hamilton’ next step? Now this is a great question since Hamilton is only signed with Mercedes till the end of 2023. Hamilton has raced in Formula One for the last 15 years and for Mercedes for most of his career.

 If Hamilton does decide to return to F1, Mercedes is where he would continue to race. Hamilton is having a tough start to the season obviously, but I think as a seven time world champion, he will be able to turn things around for the better. I do not think Hamilton will be able to compete with Red Bull and Ferrari, but I do believe he is going to start giving his teammate George Russel a way closer fight.