Bridgestone refuse to comment on F1 rumours

F1's tyre supplier from 2025 to 2027 will be announced on Friday June 16.

Bridgestone could be set to make a return to Formula 1 as the sport’s official tyre supplier, having left the pinnacle of motorsport at the end of 2010.

Italian manufacturer Pirelli have been the sport’s tyre supplier since taking over from Bridgestone in 2011, with Bridgestone having been the sole supplier from 2007 to 2010.

Prior to 2007, Bridgestone had been in a tyre war with Michelin, something which could occur with Pirelli from as soon as 2025.

The FIA started the process earlier in the year of finding a tyre supplier from 2025 to 2027, with the possibility of extending a deal to 2028.

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Pirelli are believed to be very keen to extend their deal with the governing body; however, it does look like they’ll face stiff competition.

The deadline for applicants was May 15, with the FIA set to announce on June 16 who the sport’s tyre supplier will be from 2025 to 2027, following a review of all applicants by the World Automobile Federation.

It means an announcement will be made during the Canadian Grand Prix, which takes place next weekend.

This period would see a tyre manufacturer move into the new power unit regulations with the sport in 2026, something which could perhaps make Pirelli a favourable option.

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Pirelli have only recently designed and introduced the new larger wheels for the new aerodynamic regulations, which were introduced last season.

Bridgestone are speculated as being Pirelli’s main competitor, with Eiichi Suzuki, Bridgestone’s manager of motorsport planning having recently revealed that the Japanese manufacturer are investigating how “Formula 1 can support” their current ambitions.

“We are always thinking about what and how to best our motorsport activities in global categories, including Formula 1 can support. There are investigations into this,” Suzuki said, as reported by

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Despite Suzuki’s comments, Bridgestone are yet to officially confirm whether they are interested in rejoining F1 after being away for over a decade.

“Bridgestone has a heritage in motorsport for over 60 years and we will continue to pursue sustainable global motorsport activities,” a spokeswoman said.

“However, we refrain from commenting on specific categories.”