Breaking: Sources respond to Sergio Perez retiring at the end of 2023

Sergio Perez has had a shockingly poor season with Red Bull following a promising start to the year.

Rumours of Red Bull driver Sergio Perez’s imminent retirement from Formula 1 have been categorically refuted by sources close to the Mexican racer. 

A detailed rumour about Perez allegedly announcing his retirement at the upcoming Grand Prix in his home country has gained traction on social media. 

This speculation follows a season in which Perez has been trailing his teammate, Max Verstappen, by a significant margin since the fifth race in Miami.

The rumour, initially spotted on the social media platform Reddit, cited a former high-ranking commercial employee of one of Perez’s sponsors, Escuderia Telmex, who reportedly made statements during a dinner following a test day at a race track. 

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The individual claimed that Red Bull had informed Perez that they would not retain him for the 2024 season, and this decision was allegedly communicated during the Japanese Grand Prix. 

The post also suggested that a celebration would be organised in honour of Perez at the Mexico City Grand Prix, acknowledging the driver’s remarkable Formula 1 career.

In response to these claims, an individual close to Sergio Perez swiftly dismissed the rumours, categorising them as “a load of nonsense.” 

This response aligns with Perez’s own statements made six weeks ago, where he expressed his intention to continue racing through at least 2026 before evaluating his future in Formula 1.

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Perez’s previous remarks emphasised his desire to continue racing and experiencing the new set of rules that will take effect in 2026. 

He stated, “I want to keep going, at least until 2026 when the change of rules is in effect and experience how much can I enjoy with this new set of rules. 

“From there on, decide what will come for me in the future.”

Christian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull Racing, acknowledged Perez’s current challenges and described his performance as being in “a bit of a spiral.” 

Horner expressed hope that the Mexican driver could regain his form in the remainder of the 2023 season.

Sergio Perez himself recognises the extraordinary season of his teammate, Max Verstappen, who has dominated the championship in 2023. 

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Perez commended Verstappen’s performance, describing his championship run as one of the best in Formula 1 history. 

Perez has set his sights on securing second place in the current season and looks forward to the future, aiming to improve and contend for the title in the following year. 

He stated, “This year, my objective is, clearly, to be in second place. Next year I want to improve and fight for the title; that’s my goal.”