Breakdown of the 2022 Abu Dhabi GP

The Abu Dhabi GP was the very last race of the 2022 Formula 1 season. In this article, we will explore the results and look at who performed and who didn’t! This last race of the season gives us a glimpse into what we can expect during the 2023 season. You can follow all 2023 Formula 1 races and bet on espost at

Max Verstappen Wins Again

Max Verstappen was simply too good at the Abu Dhabi GP 2022. He was far too fast for Charles Leclerc, winning comfortably by 8.7 seconds. The Dutch 25-year-old wrapped up the 2022 season with 15 wins. Charles Leclerc, his nearest rival, only managed to win just 3 races.

Max Verstappen continues to get better and better. His performance at the Abu Dhabi GP just shows how consistent he is throughout the season. And even though he locked up the title a long time ago, he still has the hunger to race and go for the win.

Based on his form throughout the 2022 Formula 1 season, we expect Verstappen to have another dominant season and win his 3rd championship. It will be interesting to see if Mercedes can upgrade their car to ensure Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. At the moment, Verstappen looks way too fast for Ferrari, McLaren, or Mercedes to catch him!

Charles Leclerc Finished the Season With a Great Performance

Charles Leclerc raced the perfect race and got virtually everything you could from the car and his tires. Coming into the race, many critics questioned Leclerc’s tire management. However, he proved the naysayers wrong with a strong performance. If he can continue to perform like this throughout the 2023 Formula 1 season, we expect the Monaco native to win numerous races.

Leclerc is hoping that Ferrari can make the necessary changes to the car to ensure that they can challenge Red Bull. Leclerc overall had a strong 2022 Formula 1 season coming second and managing 3 wins. However, the Ferrari driver will be disappointed that he finished so far behind Max Verstappen and only just managed to beat Perez.

The battle between Verstappen and Leclerc should be much closer in the 2023 Formula 1 season. Unfortunately, for Ferrari fans, it will be a miracle if Leclerc can beat the strong Dutch driver in the title race.

Sergio Perez Just Falls Short

Sergio Perez needed to beat Charles Leclerc to come second in the driver standings. Unfortunately, he ended up 3rd at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after failing to overtake the Monaco driver.

Sergio Perez finished 10 seconds behind Max Verstappen and just over 1 second behind Charles Leclerc. Perez came out and said he gave his all in the final race of the Formula 1 season, but it wasn’t quite enough.

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Sergio Perez started the race in the second position behind his Red Bull teammate. However, the Mexican racing sensation was forced to pit for the second time, which allowed Charles Leclerc to take the second position. Perez was mounting an impressive comeback as he got everything he could from his Red Bull car. He was closing in on Leclerc but just ran out of laps. He finished just over 1 second behind Leclerc.

Perez had an impressive 2022 season which included two race wins. He is excited about the 2023 season and is confident he can win even more races!

George Russell Jus Missed Out on the Podium in Abu Dhabi

George Russell ended the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 5th place. The talented young British driver ended up coming 4th in the drivers’ standings just behind Sergio Perez. Russell would be disappointed not to finish on the podium in Abu Dhabi, especially because he already had 1 win and 8 podium finishes throughout the season.

George Russell said the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was a reality check after his win in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We expect George Russell to bounce back strongly and perform well in the 2023 Formula 1 season. He will be gunning for a podium position and said his ultimate goal is to become the F1 champion. However, it still looks like Mercedes is a long way away from catching Max Verstappen.

Lewis Hamilton Was Disappointing

Lewis Hamilton again failed to perform at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2022, where he ended up 6th. He qualified in 5th position, but thanks to his late retirement, ended up in 6th place behind his teammate George Russell. Lewis Hamilton has had a shocking 2022 Formula 1 season. He went from 8 wins in 2021 to 0 in 2022. Nobody predicted how poor the legendary Brit driver would be in 2022.

Thanks to Hamilton’s 6th place finish at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, he ended up coming 6th with 240 points, 0 wins, and just 9 podiums. Hamilton needs to make massive changes if he is going to compete with Verstappen during the 2023 Formula 1 season.

Final Thoughts

Max Verstappen once again proves his class at the 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. He won comfortably over Max Leclerc, with Sergio Perez coming 3rd. This event was a great prelude for the 2023 Formula 1 season. We expect Verstappen to continue his dominant run next year and win his 3rd title in a row, so do not hesitate to place your bet on GGBET! Please comment below your thoughts on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix!