Brazilian politicians pushing Nelson Piquet to pay $2mn fine for Lewis Hamilton comments

Ex-F1 driver Nelson Piquet was banned from the paddock after directing racist and homophobic language at Lewis Hamilton.

It has been reported by Brazilian newspaper O Globo that former Formula 1 world champion Nelson Piquet is being pushed to pay £1.6 million in compensation for moral damages to several social organisations, following his racist and homophobic rant whilst discussing seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

When talking about Hamilton’s 2016 defeat to Nico Rosberg, Piquet said: “The ‘n*******’ was [more focused on] giving a** at that time. He was kinda bad.”

Following his unacceptable comments, Piquet was banned from the Formula 1 paddock, with the Brazilian now facing further punishment for his actions.

Three Brazilian MPs have called for Piquet to be trialled for racial crimes, with the trio wanting legal action to be taken against the former F1 driver.

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Reportedly, Brazil’s National LGBT+ Alliance are one of many alliances demanding compensation, as is the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Federal District.

The Prosecutor’s Office believes Piquet has committed “violations of the rights of the victim and the black and LGBT+ population, considering both the international and national standards”.

The Prosecutor’s Office also stated that: “During the ill-fated interview in which the defendant comments on an accident that occurred at the Silverstone Grand Prix, in England, in July 2021, he refers multiple times to Lewis Hamilton with contempt, without even mentioning the name of the English pilot, referring to him only as ‘n*******’, and also incurring homophobia.”

Piquet is, of course, the father of Kelly Piquet, who’s Max Verstappen’s long-term girlfriend.

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Piquet has previously apologised for his initial comment directed at Hamilton but urged that he hadn’t said the racist words with intent; however, further clips have surfaced to have shown the 38-year-old being described using racist language by the Brazilian.

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Summarising the situation, Fastest Pitstop tweeted: “The Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office has asked for the conviction of Nelson Piquet for racist and homophobic speech against Lewis Hamilton.

“The ex-Formula 1 driver will have to pay a R$ 10 million (around 2 million dollars) compensation to social organizations for collective moral damages.

“Ongoing since 2022, the action is now awaiting decision by the 20th Civil Court of Brasília.”