‘Both mums have always been absolutely incredible’: Hamilton opens up on decision to change name

Sir Lewis Hamilton is set to add his mother's name into his own so that Carmen's legacy can live on with is.

Sir Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he has spent a lot of time mulling over the forthcoming change to his name, adding that his upbringing has given him a great appreciation for women.

The Briton is set to incorporate his mother Carmen’s surname, Larbalestier, into his current name so that her legacy can be extended and carried on along with the Hamilton name.

“I spent Christmas with all of my immediate family. My mum, my step-mum, my dad, my two sisters, my brother,” said the seven-time champion during the season-opening 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix weekend.

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“I thought of it for a long time. I’ve always been very, very close to my parents and both mums have always been absolutely incredible. Thanks to them, I’ve grown up with so much respect for women.”

His grandfather, Davidson, whose name Hamilton has as one of his middle names, passed away just days before the Briton claimed his fifth world championship in 2018, and it is of great significance to him to have his predecessors’ names ingrained within his own.

“I already have my grandad’s name from my Dad’s side in mine – Davidson – and I wanted my mum and grandad’s name,” he explained.

“I already have my grandad’s name from my Dad’s side in mine – Davidson – and I wanted my mum and grandad’s name.

He gave a heart-warming response when asked whether his decision was meant to be a Mother’s Day surprise, affirming that every day is a day for him to celebrate his mum.

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“No, I don’t remember any of those days. It’s always a Mother’s Day for me,” he added.

“It’s about embracing your own family. You only have one and there will never be any people like your family.

“I want my family’s names to transcend hopefully down to the next generation and I don’t want my mum’s name to be forgotten.”

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Hamilton’s current official name is Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, and it is not yet known where exactly Larbalestier will slot in.

He has recently said that he does not understand why women must lose their surname when they get married.