Betting on the Podium: A Guide to the Best Formula 1 Betting Markets and Strategies

Formula 1 is a hugely popular sport and the season runs from March to November. The beauty of Formula 1 is the diversity of the races and each race is held on a different track around the world. Cars can reach speeds of over 200 mph and to witness a race in person, at the side of the track is a tremendous experience. With plenty of thrills, it is little wonder so many people like to bet on Formula 1 and below you will find a guide to the best markets and strategies.

Best Formula 1 Overall Winner Betting Markets

One of the most popular Formula 1 betting markets is to bet on the overall champion. This market is open before the season starts and throughout the season until it is mathematically impossible for the leading driver to be caught. The Driver’s Championship can be evenly contested between two or more drivers or one driver could pull away from the pack, changing the odds after each race. In addition to the overall winner, you can bet between two drivers and this is known as driver vs driver match bets. You can bet on one driver to finish higher in the overall rankings than another driver and this Formula 1 betting market has grown in popularity in recent years. Finally, you can bet on which teams you think will finish top of the Constructor’s Championship.

Formula 1 Race Betting Markets

In addition to overall winner markets, there are many betting Formula 1 betting markets to enjoy on the day of the race. Race winner is the most popular of the race day betting markets and involves backing the driver you think will win the race. You can also bet on a driver to finish on the podium, pole position, which driver will record the fastest lap, head-to-head matchups, and the winning team. In-play betting is available during Formula 1 races and you can follow the action live and bet on who you think will win the race. Before you begin betting on Formula 1, always check for any available bonuses, such as a cashback betting bonus, to ensure you get the most for your money.

Formula 1 Betting Strategies

The key to successful Formula 1 betting is research. There is no specific strategy that will allow you to continually make winning bets but you can use statistics to your advantage. The smallest details matter in Formula 1 and when betting on the outcome of a race, you must consider previous results on the track, which drivers are in form, which drivers perform well in the expected weather conditions, which car has been fastest in previous races, grid position, practice times, qualifying lap times, and the stage of the season. All this information combined will point to two or three drivers who could win the race. When you have decided which driver to back, do not forget to find the most competitive odds as this can make a difference to your total winnings during the Formula 1 season.