Bahrain GP: FIA makes ruling on Lewis Hamilton jewellery dispute

Lewis Hamilton was exempt from the ban on jewellery wearing last season following a note from his doctor.

Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton will not be punished for wearing jewellery at this weekend’s season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix, after a doctor’s letter was presented detailing that the 38-year-old couldn’t remove his nose stud.

Hamilton and the FIA bumped heads last season after the governing body cracked down on jewellery wearing, with the Mercedes driver, as well known, being somebody who has several piercings.

Whilst Hamilton removed the vast majority of his piercings last season, he was unable to remove his nose stud, with the British driver having gotten a doctor’s note which revealed that he couldn’t remove it as it could cause an infection.

Hamilton was once again questioned over his jewellery, though, at the Bahrain International Circuit on Friday; however, he was once again exempted from the jewellery rules following another note from his doctor.

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The new note states that Hamilton is unable to remove his nose stud as it could result in disfigurement to the 103-time race winner’s nose, meaning he is unlikely to be flagged about the piercing again this season.

Regarding the note from Hamilton’s doctor, the FIA noted: “The stewards having heard from a team representative and receiving a medical report from the team doctor of Mercedes, which requested an exemption.

“The stewards consulted the FIA medical delegate, who viewed the medical report, examined the driver and concurred with the opinion therein.

“We have determined to take no further action as there are concerns about disfigurement with frequent attempts at removal of the device.”

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Hamilton has also seemingly been given the all-clear to wear his new helmet this weekend, despite the fact that it includes the LGBTQ+ flag on top.

Many had wondered if Hamilton would find himself in trouble for using his new lid, given the recent update to the FIA’s International Sporting Code (ISC).

Following the controversial update, which banned “political, religious and personal statements”, it had been expected that wearing clothing or a helmet in support of a campaign or a community would be banned; however, following the use of Hamilton’s helmet on Friday, it appears that the FIA may be taking a relaxed approach.