Axed Sky F1 pundit claim makes claim about Lewis Hamilton joining Red Bull

Johnny Herbert has commented on the long running rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen ahead of the 2023 Canadian Grand Prix

Johnny Herbert, a former Formula 1 driver, has claimed that Lewis Hamilton would be on par with Max Verstappen if they both competed in the same car this season.

The RB19, particularly when driven by Verstappen, has demonstrated exceptional performance this year. 

While Sergio Perez has also achieved success with the impressive design by Adrian Newey, recent events have shown that merely having the fastest car on the grid does not guarantee victory.

Nevertheless, Herbert believes that if Hamilton were to join Red Bull and partner with Verstappen, or if Verstappen were to switch to Mercedes, the two drivers would have an equal chance of success.

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“Verstappen doesn’t have to leave and win with another team to prove himself,” Herbert stated in an interview with OLBG. 

“Michael Schumacher did it with Benetton and Mercedes. However, elite drivers like Verstappen and Hamilton have the ability to perform at their best regardless of the car they are given.”

Herbert emphasized that if Verstappen were to move to another team, the car would need to provide him with the opportunity to win races and championships. 

He asserted that Hamilton and Verstappen would be equals if they were provided with identical equipment.

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“It would be unfair to suggest that Verstappen can only be considered one of the greats if he drives for another team,” Herbert added.

The comments from Herbert shed light on the ongoing debate surrounding the impact of the car on a driver’s success in Formula 1. 

While the machinery undoubtedly plays a crucial role, exceptional drivers like Hamilton and Verstappen have the ability to excel regardless of the team they represent.