Aston Martin under pressure to fire Lance Stroll as Lionel Messi comparison is made

Lance Stroll looks set to be racing in his last season in Formula 1, as he has struggled so far in 2023.

Lawrence Stroll, the owner of the Aston Martin Formula 1 team, is facing growing pressure to take a difficult decision – removing his own son, Lance Stroll, from the racing lineup. 

The call for Lance Stroll’s potential dismissal comes from none other than Joan Villadelprat, a seasoned former F1 mechanic, engineer, and manager. 

Villadelprat has raised concerns about the 24-year-old Canadian driver’s impact on the team’s performance in the highly competitive constructors’ championship.

While the 2023 Formula 1 season has witnessed the resurgence of Aston Martin, with two-time champion Fernando Alonso securing a series of impressive podium finishes, Lance Stroll’s lacklustre performance has cast a shadow over the team’s aspirations. 

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Alonso’s stellar showing has positioned him third overall in the drivers’ standings, contributing significantly to Aston Martin’s success this year.

In stark contrast, Lance Stroll’s struggles on the track have resulted in a dismal ninth-place standing, accumulating a staggering 123 fewer points than his illustrious teammate. 

This glaring discrepancy in their performance has led to Aston Martin slipping in the constructors’ standings, with the team now trailing behind the likes of Red Bull, Mercedes, and Ferrari.

Joan Villadelprat, a respected figure in the world of Formula 1 with years of experience, did not mince his words when assessing the situation. 

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Speaking to El Confidencial newspaper, the 65-year-old Spaniard drew a striking analogy between Fernando Alonso and the renowned footballer Lionel Messi.

“Aston Martin is playing only with Messi,” Villadelprat remarked, drawing a parallel between the team’s dependence on Alonso and the iconic footballer’s role in a football squad.

 “Even Messi needs someone else behind him, but Stroll is neither seen nor heard. 

“This is massive for the constructors’ championship.”

He further elaborated on Lance Stroll’s performance, highlighting the urgency of the situation: “Although Stroll is not a phenomenon, he is among the top 10 while Fernando is among the top five. 

“But lately, Stroll has been doing a miserable job. 

“All of the team’s eggs are in the Fernando basket.”

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Villadelprat’s candid assessment has ignited discussions within the Formula 1 community, with fans and experts alike speculating about the potential ramifications of Lawrence Stroll’s decision regarding his son’s future within the team. 

As the constructors’ championship continues to heat up, the pressure on Aston Martin to address their internal issues and ensure a more balanced performance from their drivers is greater than ever.

The coming races will undoubtedly serve as a crucial test for Lance Stroll, as he seeks to prove his worth and alleviate the concerns surrounding his role in the team.