Aston Martin source claims Lance Stroll showing signs of ‘laziness’ amid tennis rumours

Canadian driver Lance Stroll is under fire as the gap between him and teammate Fernando Alonso grows at Aston Martin.

Lance Stroll has found himself in an unenviable position as his performance on the track continues to falter. 

At just 24 years old, the Canadian driver is enduring a challenging season, and his struggles are becoming increasingly evident.

Currently, Stroll occupies the ninth position in the drivers’ standings with 47 points, a stark contrast to his teammate Fernando Alonso, who sits comfortably in third place with 170 points. 

Perhaps most telling is the disparity in their performance statistics. 

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Alonso has spent a mere one lap outside the top 10 this season, while Stroll has endured 276 laps outside this elite group. 

Their average grid positions reflect this gap as well, with Alonso starting at 6th on average and Stroll at 11th.

Stroll’s recent inability to score points at the Italian Grand Prix had detrimental consequences for his team, Aston Martin, which slipped to fourth place in the constructors’ championship, allowing Ferrari to move up. 

This shift in position carries significant financial implications, as teams like Aston Martin provide substantial bonuses to their staff for finishing third or higher in the constructors’ championship.

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The season began on a promising note for Stroll, with notable performances, including a fourth-place finish in Australia. 

These early achievements suggested that Stroll might not be among the weakest drivers on the grid. 

However, his form has since deteriorated, likely affected by the relentless and consistent driving displayed by his teammate, Fernando Alonso. 

According to an insider close to the team, Stroll has exhibited signs of laziness, listlessness, misery, and a surly demeanour.

A recent social media clip captured Stroll departing a Grand Prix Drivers’ Association meeting, appearing introspective and downcast compared to his fellow drivers engaged in lively conversations.

The ideal solution to Stroll’s predicament would be a resurgence in form and performance. 

However, this requires a deep-seated drive and hunger, qualities that Alonso possesses in abundance. 

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Whether Stroll can summon such motivation remains uncertain, as his commitment to racing may not match Alonso’s unwavering dedication.

Another option, albeit complex, would be for Stroll to step aside voluntarily, making way for a more capable driver who could potentially lead Aston Martin to greater success. 

This decision, however, may be challenging to broach with his father, Lawrence Stroll, who has provided substantial financial support for Lance’s Formula One journey.