Aston Martin make Fernando Alonso demand

Fernando Alonso will replace the retiring Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin next season.

Aston Martin team principal, Mike Krack, hopes that Fernando Alonso asks the team difficult questions upon his arrival next year.

The Spaniard has developed a reputation as being one of the most demanding drivers on the grid, and he has never been afraid to voice his opinion.

The 41-year-old famously pushed McLaren and Honda to pick up their performance during his second spell at the team, and he left at the end of 2018.

He does have a generous side too though, evidence by his sharing of prize money with team members throughout his career.

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Following a couple of years out, during which he won the Le Mans 24 Hours for a second time, he returned last season with Alpine.

The French side helped him to his 98th career podium in Qatar towards the end of the campaign, but after the two sides failed to come to terms on a new deal, the double world champion decided to leave.

His destination will be Aston Martin after Sebastian Vettel retires, so Lawrence Stroll has swapped one world champion out for another.

There has been speculation that Alonso will push the British side hard in his perpetual pursuit of excellence next season, but Krack is not concerned by that; he welcomes it.

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“Well, he’s a champion, there is a reason why they are [champions] and it is because they are very competitive,” he told Sky Sports.

“They are asking the right questions, they are pushing the teams to the limit, and we feel, for us, it’s important to have someone like that to ask some also uncomfortable questions.

“And it pushes us one step further, so I think for the team, it is the right thing to have people like that.”

With a combination of experience and talent at his disposal, Krack sees Alonso as the perfect fit for Aston Martin going forward.

“Well, first of all, Fernando is super fast, and I think that is the first criteria,” added the 50-year-old.

“Then he’s very hungry, very competitive, and normally, with his amount of experience, it’s very difficult to have that.

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“So, we are, I think, privileged that we have this combination of experience and competitiveness and speed.

“So, I think he will do great things with us and I think it will be not right to say now which position we will end up, but I think he’s the right driver for our journey to make this a front running team.”

Alonso has won 32 races in his illustrious career, 14 of which arrived during his championship-winning years with Renault in 2005 and 2006.