Aston Martin looking to break away from Mercedes and produce own power units

The Aston Martin F1 Team currently use Mercedes power units.

Aston Martin are said to be considering a move away from Mercedes powertrains in 2026, when the engine freeze will come to an end.

Formula 1’s technical regulations have altered dramatically this year, with the ground effect leading a mighty aerodynamic swing, while tyres will be increasing by five inches.

The power units are also expected to generate less power, due to the fuel blend being made up of 90 percent fossil fuels and 10 percent renewable resources.

Incidentally, Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel has previously opined that this is not a sufficient change to make a difference, but in any case, manufacturers will be unable to develop the engines in any way until 2026 due to an impending freeze.

However, it is not unforeseeable that some teams may try to discover loopholes in the regulations, as F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has suggested that they may do.

Audi and Porsche have reportedly declared their interest in supplying powertrains to McLaren and Red Bull in four years’ time, and it is possible that Aton Martin may seek to break off and make their own engines after 2025, according to a report by

“In the longer term, that’s definitely something we’re looking into,” said Andrew Green, Aston Martin’s chief technical officer.

“New drive regulations will come into force in 2026. There will be talks over the next few years. I’m sure we’ll look at it in great detail to understand whether we could benefit from such a step.”

The Dutch publication suggested that Toto Wolff has told Aston Martin chairman and owner Lawrence Stroll that detaching themselves from the Brixworth supplier would be a mistake.

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Vettel, whose future beyond this year seems dependant on the Silverstone team’s performances in 2022, would prefer Stroll’s five-year plan to reach the front of the grid to be a little more prompt.

“I hope to accelerate it a little bit,” the German told media after the team’s car launch.

While the four-time world champion cannot accurately predict where his will be pace wise, he equivocates that they must improve on their disappointing seventh-placed Constructors’ Championship finish last season.

“To point out where we’ll be is impossible at this stage but surely if we’re on the climb, we want to be better than last year,” he added.

Vettel will again line up alongside Lance Stroll this season as the pair look to disturb the midfield pack and front-runners more frequently than they managed in 2021.