Aston Martin hype up 2023 F1 car as ‘major’ changes made

Aston Martin unveiled the AMR23 at the start of this week.

The AMR23 has finally been shown off to the world, with Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll unveiling their car for this upcoming season on Monday evening.

While the livery has not changed much compared to last year, the design certainly has, with the technical elements of the car looking impressive based on the photos currently available.

With regards to the sidepods, Aston Martin have adopted the Red Bull approach of creating extremely detailed sidepods to managed airflow as well as they possibly can.

There is also a large gully at the top of the sidepods to deal with any excess airflow, similar to the design of last year’s Alpine.

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The aerodynamic side of the car is clearly something that Aston Martin have been focusing on, with the side of the car having many aggressive and steep undercuts and curves, directed the airflow exactly as they would like.

Former Red Bull head of aerodynamics and now Aston Martin technical director Dan Fallows has explained why his team have been so aggressive with their design, claiming there are a lot of engineering improvements that have still been hidden in the launch photos.

“The sideboards are quite a big area of difference,” he told RaceFans.

“I wouldn’t say that’s been our majority focus, I think there are improvements and changes throughout the whole car. There’s obviously quite a lot that you can’t see.

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“Underneath the skin there’s quite substantial engineering improvements to a lot of the mechanical components as well as the aerodynamics. There’s obviously a lot of other aspects of the aerodynamics, which I’m rather hoping you can’t see as well just yet.

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“So while the sidepods are an obviously thing from a visual point of view, that’s one of the areas that we’ve worked on. But I think it does demonstrate, as you correctly pointed out, the sport of quite aggressive approach we’ve taken to the development of this car.”

After initially struggling under last year’s major regulation changes, Aston Martin ended the season strongly with a number of Q3 appearances and point scoring finishes.

New signing Fernando Alonso has boldly claimed that the team will be capable of challenging for championship within a couple of seasons, meaning that he may have seen something behind the scenes that has led him to believe the team will be competitive this season.