Aston Martin defend Lance Stroll as Fernando Alonso makes admission

Fernando Alonso recognises that, despite Aston Martin’s resurgence, Red Bull reigns supreme.

Fernando Alonso’s aspirations for clinching his 33rd career victory in Formula 1 this year, marking a triumphant return to the winner’s circle after a decade, appear to be slipping away as Aston Martin faced challenges in recent races. 

The team’s competitiveness has encountered setbacks due to unexpected repercussions from car upgrades, prompting Alonso to recalibrate his expectations.

Aston Martin’s team principal, Mike Krack, candidly addressed the complexities of car development, revealing the intricacies of changes and their ripple effects. 

Krack acknowledged, “We’re constantly pushing development, but these cars are so complex that any changes affect other areas of the car – there are side effects.” 

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He further explained that a change made early in the season yielded unforeseen consequences that emerged after multiple races across diverse tracks.

The beginning of 2023 was marked by high anticipation for Alonso’s potential 33rd victory, igniting fervour among fans and observers. 

The Spanish driver, who recently celebrated his 42nd birthday, acknowledged the changing landscape. 

He conceded, “In Monaco we were very close and in Canada too, but I think there will be more opportunities despite the fact that, realistically, Red Bull is far ahead.” 

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Despite the shifting odds, Alonso affirmed his unwavering commitment to pursuing victory and the team’s relentless pursuit of improvement. 

He expressed, “Everything I do in life is because I think I’m going to win… 

“I believe in this team… 

“I don’t know how long it’s going to take us to win, but I think we’re going to do it in the future.”

However, Alonso’s optimism regarding a victory in the current season has waned. 

He acknowledged the challenges and tempered expectations, stating, “I don’t think that because I want it more than I’m going to get it. 

“And I don’t think there’s a real chance of getting it this year either… 

“But there will always be a race where it could happen.”

Mike Krack echoed Alonso’s sentiments while emphasising the team’s unwavering commitment to realising their objectives. 

Krack declined to make specific predictions about Alonso’s 33rd victory but underscored the team’s resolute determination, stating, “I’m not going to do a prediction on his 33rd win, but we are incredibly determined to do everything we can to make it happen.”

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Addressing speculations about Lance Stroll, Alonso’s teammate and the son of team owner Lawrence Stroll, Krack dispelled any notions of Stroll’s hindrance to the team’s progress. 

Krack emphasised that Stroll’s challenges this year, including injuries and circumstances beyond his control, have impacted his performance. 

He emphasised, “While the drivers’ championship tells one story, within the team we know what’s really going on.”