Aston Martin bring ridiculous rear-wing to Italian Grand Prix

Aston Martin are currently ninth in the Constructors' Standings.

Aston Martin have caught the eye several times so far this season.

They were the first to put their striking challenger on the track, complete with its raised front wing, as fans got to see the ground effect aerodynamic concept in the flesh for the first time.

They then showed up to the Spanish Grand Prix with new sidepods that Red Bull claimed were copied using their intellectual property.

When the FIA looked at the British side’s documents though, they corroborated their insistence that they had started work on the new design late last year.

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In Budapest, to take advantage of the corners, Mike Krack’s team produced rear wings that resembled those of last year, which were within the regulations.

So astute was that idea, that Alpine sporting director, Alan Permane, expects many other teams to use it in Singapore, but the Monza Circuit, where this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix will be held, is very much a power track.

The engine needs to deliver maximum power, the drivers need to keep their heads down on the straights, and the chassis needs to be as streamlined as possible.

That applies to the wings too, and we have seen some concepts so skinny that, for a moment, you could by fooled into thinking there was no rear wing at all.

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Aston Martin have rocked up to Monza with a thin, flat-panelled wing that aims to ensure almost no drag on the straight.

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When the DRS opens, it may even end up looking like the wing is not there; these are the extreme lengths of engineering we love to see in Formula 1.

And, so far, it is all legal. No irregularities have been noticed by the FIA, so Aston Martin may be ones to watch this weekend.

Lance Stroll grabbed the Silverstone-based team’s 11th points finish of the season last time out in Zandvoort as he ended up 10th having only narrowly been denied points in Spa by Alex Albon.