Aston Martin boss reacts to Fernando Alonso’s unflattering comment

Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack has reacted to Fernando Alonso's growing frustration at the team.

Aston Martin Formula 1 team principal, Mike Krack, has expressed understanding and support for Fernando Alonso’s candid assessment of the AMR23 as “undriveable” during the Singapore Grand Prix. 

Despite Alonso’s previous colourful critiques in Formula 1, Krack believes in acknowledging the frustration of drivers, emphasising that their commitment to giving their all is essential.

Alonso’s remark came during a turbulent race where he finished in 11th place, far from his aspirations. 

He faced multiple setbacks, including a five-second penalty due to a pit entry mistake, an extended pit stop, and persistent struggles with a car that had a dislodged aero part. 

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Notably, the Singapore GP marked the first time in the 2023 season that Alonso, who was the sole representative for the team following Lance Stroll’s qualifying accident, failed to secure any points.

In response to Alonso’s critical comment, Mike Krack voiced his perspective on the matter, stating, “As a team, we need to acknowledge if a driver is critical.” 

Krack recognised that the car’s performance fell short of Alonso’s expectations and the standards he is accustomed to. 

He emphasised, “We want them to give everything, and then it’s normal that also sportsmen react like that. So it’s not a problem.”

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During the Singapore race, Alonso had shown promise and was on course for a solid sixth-place finish before encountering a series of setbacks. 

Krack shed light on the team’s race strategy and challenges, saying, “We thought we had a good rhythm, especially on the medium tires.” 

However, the transition to hard tires after a safety car period posed difficulties, and the team needed to investigate the reasons behind this struggle. 

Krack also pointed out a pivotal moment during the race when the virtual safety car prompted a tire change, leading to a sequence of events that included the penalty and a botched pit stop, ultimately resulting in a disappointing race outcome.

Analysing the weekend’s performance, Krack emphasised the need for a thorough review. 

He cited possible damage to the car, particularly an issue with one of the suspension fairings, as well as variations in tire specifications that added complexity to their strategy. 

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The Singapore circuit’s challenging nature, characterised by close and unpredictable traffic, further compounded the team’s difficulties, making it one of the most demanding races to decipher.

Krack addressed Alonso’s pit entry error, which triggered the penalty, with caution, saying, “We need to review that.”

He suggested that settings and reminders might have played a role and indicated that a comprehensive analysis would be required before categorising it as a mistake.