Aston Martin believe they can challenge Mercedes and Red Bull

Eric Blandin worked for Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes before his move to become Aston Martin’s deputy technical director.

Eric Blandin has one of the most impressive CVs in the paddock, having worked with a number of successful teams over the course of his career, contributing massively to this success.

The Frenchman was part of the Jaguar team that transitioned into Red Bull in the mid 2000s before moving to Ferrari to become their head of aerodynamics.

Blandin then made a move to Mercedes to fulfil the same role and now finds himself working as Aston Martin’s deputy technical director.

Having worked with so many successful teams and drivers, the Frenchman is able to give a very knowledgeable insight into what is needed to become successful in Formula 1, suggesting that consistency is key in sport.

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“Both Red Bull and Mercedes have very talented people, but so do we,” he told Aston Martin’s official website.

“They’ve been so successful because the core group of people leading them has been very stable and consistent through the years.

“The stability enables experience, ways of working and trust to build between various members of the team – throughout the entire organisation – and this is very powerful.”

Aston Martin will be hoping that after two seasons in Formula 1, they can begin to develop some of this consistency within the team.

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Star signing for 2023 Fernando Alonso has boldly claimed that the talent of the staff at his new team is better than anywhere else he has been in his career, suggesting that Aston Martin could even be challenging for championships within a couple of seasons.

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Blandin will be working with technical director Dan Fallows this season, who himself spent some very successful years with Red Bull before making the move to Aston Martin.

This further proves Alonso’s point, as the staff behind the scenes as Aston Martin are mostly of winning pedigree, having moved to the team from the likes of Red Bull and Mercedes, bringing some crucial knowledge with them.

Fallows has insisted that the team must still find their own path despite their experienced staff, claiming that the worst thing that Aston Martin could do would be to try to copy the success of other teams.