Aston Martin address risk of feeling Fernando Alonso’s wrath

Fernando Alonso has left Alpine on a sour note, claiming that he was counting down the days until he could leave the team.

Both Alpine and Fernando Alonso will be happy to see the back of each other following the Abu Dhabi Gran Prix, where in typical fashion the Spaniard was forced to retire from the race.

The 41-year-old has been very vocal about his disappointment with Alpine and his teammate Esteban Ocon in 2022, leading to a toxic atmosphere in the team, which thankfully for all parties has now come to an end.

This is not the first time that Alonso has acted in such a manner, with his time at McLaren becoming infamous for the Spaniard’s passive-aggressive radio messages and generally anger at his team’s inability to provide him with a competitive car.

Alonso famously referred to his car as to having a GP2 engine, as McLaren struggled to perform with their Honda engine, one of many meltdowns that the Spaniard had over his team’s performance that year.

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Aston Martin have been quick to get Alonso driving their car, with the 41-year-old taking part in tests for his new team in Abu Dhabi, only days after the 2022 season finale.

Team principal Mike Krack has been asked whether he has had to face any incidents of Alonso’s temper in their brief time together, to which he answered positively.

“Nothing at all but it’s the beginning of the relationship,” replied Krack. 

“I think we had a very, very good start and we will really try to build on that. But I have no indications that anything will go in the wrong direction.”

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Alonso will be partnered with Lance Stroll in 2023, and the Spaniard has boldly claimed that with the help of the Canadian, he believes that his team can challenge for the championship within the next two seasons.

Krack has praised Alonso for his communication over the Abu Dhabi tests, suggesting that their new driver’s feedback is worth its weight in gold to Aston Martin.

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“It was very impressive. The efficiency of transmitting the messages. It was straight to the point at all times,” explained the Aston Martin boss.

“It was very friendly and open and transparent, I think in both directions. So we’re very pleased how this day went.”

Alonso has told reporters that he would like to stay with Aston Martin even after he retires from racing, as he believes that he has a lot to offer in the way of experience to his employers, which he would like the be able to put to use.