Aston Martin accidentally leak their 2023 Formula 1 car

Aston Martin will officially reveal the AMR23 on February 13.

The official car launches are fast approaching, with Haas set to kick off the presentations with a livery reveal on January 31.

Understandably, the teams like to keep their car designs as secret as possible until F1 travels to Bahrain for pre-season testing, and even then, there may be some sandbagging and deception.

Aston Martin may have just leaked some of the key elements of the AMR23’s design on social media however, as part of the car can be seen in the background of a recent video.

The team took to Twitter to share a video of new signing Fernando Alonso’s first day with the team, where he gets his seat fit, meets the team and spends some time in the simulator.

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The Spaniard looks as delighted as he has said in his interviews to be a part of the team, who have high hopes heading into the 2023 season. 

Some eagle-eyed fans however have notices that the AMR23 can be seen in the background of one of the shots, with the sidepod design seemingly in full view.

One Twitter user by the name of Craig Scarborough has been analysing what can be seen of the AMR23, providing fans with a deep dive of the new features.

“First looks at the AMR23. Some key changes are apparent. First off the roll takes a very square topped shape, suggesting more centreline cooling,” he posted on Twitter.

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“At this bare stage, [it’s] easy to see the actual ‘V’ of the hoop inside the inlet.

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“There’s also something going on with the sidepod inlet. Not quite Red Bull-ish in shape, but with an upper surface shorter than the lower surface. Plus something in front of it, may be [a] mirror/mounting seen bottom left as a grey 3D printed object.”

The comparisons to Red Bull will be sure to spark more controversy in the paddock, after the AMR22 was nicknamed the ‘Green Bull’ at the Spanish Grand Prix Last season due to its similar design to the RB18.

Aston Martin’s technical director Dan Fallows previously served as the head of aerodynamics at Red Bull, meaning that there will always be suggestions that he has copied some of the energy drink giant’s ideas, having played a big part in designing the phenomenally successful RB18.