Announced: When is drive to survive season 5 coming out?

Netflix have been filming behind the scenes in Formula 1 since the 2018 season.

Drive to Survive has been instrumental to Formula 1’s growth all around the world, as it has given fans the opportunity to see behind the scenes of the sport which were previously unavailable.

The Netflix series has covered the past four season, giving an insight into dramas such as Daniel Ricciardo’s departure from Red Bull and the 2021 title race between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

Verstappen did not participate in any interviews in Season 4 of the series, having become disgruntled at the way certain quotes or events are dramatized by the producers, however the 25-year-old will feature in Season 5 after holding discussions with Netflix.

The release date for the newest season of Drive to Survive will cover the 2022 season and will be released on the 24th of February on Netflix.

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Season 5 of the series is set to be less dramatic than the previous four, as Red Bull and Max Verstappen comfortably strolled to both championships as they got off to a flying start under the new regulations.

Netflix’s behind the scenes access should shed some light on some of the issues encountered by the teams in 2022, with Mercedes battling with porpoising while Ferrari struggled to stay consistent in their title challenge.

Fans will be looking forward to seeing what footage Netflix were able to capture around the Brazilian Grand Prix, as Kevin Magnussen shocked the world by securing Haas’ first ever pole position before the Red Bull team became engulfed in team order drama.

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Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has explained that Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen spoke after the Grand Prix to settle their differences, however the details of this conversation have never been revealed to the press.

Not only will Netflix’s footage hopefully shed some more light on the aftermath of the incident, it could also provide some insight into the Monaco Grand Prix, where Verstappen’s issues with Perez supposedly stemmed from.

Netflix have posted a short teaser trailer to social media, in which Will Buxton voices over cinematics from the start of the season, explaining how significant the regulation changes at the start of the year were to the season.