Angela Cullen offers Lewis Hamilton advice after recent split

Lewis Hamilton and Angela Cullen parted ways after the Bahrain Grand Prix, with neither side revealing the motivation behind the end of their partnership.

Angela Cullen has expressed her continued commitment to Lewis Hamilton, believing he still has the ability to “create magic” despite the difficulties currently being experienced by Mercedes.

Cullen and Hamilton had a close working relationship for many years, with the physiotherapist making regular appearances at races, becoming the former world champion’s closest confidant.

The duo parted ways in March, with Cullen seemingly looking to take a break from the demanding Formula 1 calendar to spend more time with her family.

Taking to Instagram, Cullen showed that she is still one of Hamilton’s biggest supported despite no longer working directly with him on a regular basis.

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“The present moment. In the stillness you will create magic,” she wrote.

“There is so much noise in the environments we have created around us and chose to live in, [the] constant bombardment of information, from socials, phones, TVs, people around us, even our own minds with habits of overthinking and analysing are contributing to this constant chatter.

“The challenge is to be in the present moment, where nothing else exists, focus and find the quiet!

“This is where you will find your answers. This is where the magic happens. This is where dreams come true.

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“Let’s go team LH.”

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The message appeared to motivate Hamilton in Azerbaijan, as he fought hard to deliver a P6 finish in the Grand Prix, securing crucial points for the Silver Arrows, as they look to take on Aston Martin in the Constructors’ race.

The Silver Arrows sit 11 points behind their UK-based rivals going into the Miami Grand Prix next weekend, with Aston Martin having secured three podium finishes, while Mercedes have only managed one.

Hamilton seems to be increasingly accepting that a Drivers’ title is out of reach this season but he is clear that his dedication to achieving a record-breaking eighth world title.