Angela Cullen comment shares insight into Lewis Hamilton relationship despite breakup

Angela Cullen stopped working with Lewis Hamilton as his personal trainer very early in the 2023 season.

Lewis Hamilton’s former trainer Angela Cullen clearly remains very close to the seven-time World Champion’s family, as she was quick to praise the Mercedes driver’s brother following an Instagram post.

Hamilton’s younger brother, Nicolas, suffers from Cerebral Palsy yet has broken down so many barriers to get into motorsport, with him being a British Touring Car Championship driver.

Nicolas has a specially designed cockpit to allow him to drive his car, with the 103-time race winner having gone to watch him at the start of the season at Donington park.

Nicolas is a huge inspiration and has proven that anything is possible, something his older brother is immensely proud of.

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On World Cerebral Palsy day last Friday (October 6), Nicolas made a heartfelt post on Instagram, where he reflected on his journey and how he’s inspired to help others with the condition.

“A day when I take time to acknowledge my condition,” Nicolas wrote on Instagram. “The severity of my condition, which I so often try to ignore in order for me to live as freely and as independently as possible.

“A day where I realise how far I have come, the magnitude of my achievements and the people I inspire and help as I take them on my journey.

“A day that acknowledges all those that continue to strive to overcome their Cerebral Palsy, those that struggle with their Cerebral Palsy and those that support others through their Cerebral Palsy.

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“A day to be proud, to never shy away from the condition, the daily pain and discomfort it presents. Embrace it, live with it and learn to love it.”

Cullen, who stopped working with Lewis very early in the 2023 season, was quick to comment on Nicolas’ post.

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She simply commented: “GOAT”, which is an abbreviation of ‘Greatest Of All Time’.

Cullen started working for Lewis in 2016 and played an integral part to a lot of his success; however, she was also by his side during the lows of 2021.

The pair grew incredibly close during their time together and remain very close friends, with Cullen clearly having a bond with the entire Hamilton family.