American DJ slams Red Bull hospitality, went to Ferrari instead

The Miami Grand Prix featured a countless number of stars and VIP guests, but not all of them enjoyed their experience.

American DJ Diplo was less than impressed with Red Bull’s hospitality at the Miami Grand Prix at the last race, so much so that he wandered off to Ferrari instead.

Diplo was among the many VIP guests that were invited to the race in Florida, with musicians, athletes and Instagram celebrities given the luxury Formula 1 treatment over the three days in the vicinity of the Hard Rock stadium.

There was a makeshift party beach and a fake marina on display to soak up the Miami heat, but evidently some of the accommodation set up was perhaps a little too makeshift.

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Diplo said the Red Bull hospitality unit was so bad that he could not even get a sandwich, and the cramped space there eventually became unbearable.

“I still don’t know anything about F1. I don’t care about Formula 1 at all, but I care about parties,” he said after the weekend.

“It was this bad box, like a jail. Also they had no food, and all I wanted was a sandwich, so I left.”

Having already made Ferrari’s acquaintance, he decided to pop over to the Scuderia, where he enjoyed a multiple-storied tent, a manicured garden, an espresso bar and flowing Bollinger champagne.

“There was a group of seven of us, and three people didn’t have passes, including me,” he explained. 

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“A woman came over to us, and I thought she was going to kick us out, but she was just like, ‘I see you have some extra friends here.’ 

“Ferrari had already tagged me on social media, so I knew I would be fine.”

Diplo was not the only personality at the event who did not seem to have any interest in motor racing.

Former F1 driver Martin Brundle came across an unknown chap on his grid walk, and he was not exactly shy in announcing his status.

“Social media sensation, let’s say that,” he said.

“And modest too,” was Brundle’s brilliant reply.

Diplo’s comments about the pinnacle of motorsport incited the wrath of fans on social media, with one angered that he had shown a lack of gratitude having been invited free of charge to the event.

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“Are you kidding me !.. here’s a guy who admitted he doesn’t like, follow or care much for F1 racing but just cares for the parties to hang and be seen in.. sure he was invited at no cost out of his pocket and has the nerve to bitch that the VIP suite was not up to his standards,” they said.

Max Verstappen claimed victory last time out in the States, beating Charles Leclerc who had started on pole.