Alpine slammed for being ‘preposterous’ and ‘ridiculous’

Former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan has questioned Alpine's valuation and celebrity involvement.

Former Formula 1 team owner Eddie Jordan has expressed scepticism regarding the substantial valuation of the Renault-owned Formula 1 outfit, Alpine. 

Reports surfaced recently about a buyout involving Hollywood actors and investment companies, resulting in a 24% acquisition of the Enstone-based team, which values Alpine at nearly a billion dollars.

In an interview with GB News, Jordan shared his disbelief, stating: “I don’t believe it. First of all, I won’t use the word fake news, but there’s absolutely no way from an accounting point of view. 

“The financial model doesn’t stack up. It’s preposterous. It’s ridiculous.” 

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The 75-year-old Irishman, known for his outspoken nature, expressed his doubts about the accuracy of the valuation.

Jordan further questioned the involvement of Hollywood actors, including Ryan Reynolds, suggesting that it may be more about appealing to the American market rather than a significant personal financial investment.

“They’re not probably putting a lot of their own money into this,” he added, implying that the celebrity participation might serve primarily as a marketing strategy.

Another point of contention for Jordan was the sudden surge in Alpine’s valuation, considering that the team’s owner, Renault, no longer takes the spotlight. 

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He raised the question of why the team is not named Renault, suggesting that there might be an element of concealment. 

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“Are they hiding behind something?” he pondered, hinting at potential hidden motives or undisclosed factors influencing the team’s rebranding.

While Jordan acknowledged the possibility of teams like Ferrari, Mercedes, or Red Bull having a valuation of a billion dollars, he expressed regret that Alpine’s worth is nowhere near that level. 

His comments cast doubt on the financial foundations and motivations behind the recent valuation of the Renault-owned team.