Alpine hype up 2023 car ahead of London launch

Alpine will launch their 2023 car on February 16th.

The 2022 season was one of promise for Alpine, as the team finished as the best of the rest under the new regulations and quickly understood F1’s new era.

The reliability of their car was a major problem for the team, with Fernando Alonso being forced to retire from a shocking six races over the course of the season, by Renault have confirmed that they will fix these issues before focussing on their 2026 power unit.

When the team’s power unit was performing at its best however, the A522 looked like a formidable piece of machinery, capable of even scoring a podium on its day.

With there being only a month until F1 travels to Bahrain for pre-season testing and the season opener, teams are soon to begin unveiling their cars for the upcoming season.

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Alpine will reveal the A523 London on February 16th and the team’s technical director Matt Harman has claimed that their new car will be an evolution of their previous design.

“We’re extending the thread of the aerodynamic concept I would say, the car is an evolutionary car,” Harman told

“It has to be, for lots of different reasons, mainly around the cost cap, but we’re pushing that cap to the absolute limit.

“We’re changing a vast proportion of the car, but we’re not moving too far away from our aerodynamic concept, because we believe that actually it’s one that still shows a great deal of potential.

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“What we’ve really done is focus on the mechanical aspects of the car to unlock that next amount of potential.”

With Pierre Gasly replacing Fernando Alonso for the upcoming season, Alpine will be hopeful that their new signing can provide the same level of feedback as their departing veteran, as they look to develop their car over the course of the season.

Both Gasly and his teammate Esteban Ocon have the potential to become regulars on the podium so they will be hoping to realise their potential in tandem with Alpine, who have grown at a rapid rate since joining F1 back in 2021.