AlphaTauri Driver Pierre Gasly Re-Signs Until 2023

There have been many speculations on where driver Pierre Gasly may end up next season, but he has decided to stay with his long-time team Alpha Tauri until 2023. A lot of people have been trying to figure it out, like someone trying to figure out an online casino real money issue.

Pierre Gasly has always been a solid racer throughout his career and resigning with Alpha Tauri has come with a bit of a shock to race fans. Gasly has been having an okay season compared to his previous seasons with the team as he has only scored a low 16 points for the team this season. 

Gasly, who is a Red Bull academy driver started racing with Alpha Tari/Toro Rosso all the way back till 2017. Gasly is slowly developing into a phenomenal driver and it is only a matter of time until he reaches his peak. 

Gasly’s Racing Back Story

Gasly began his racing career in karting in 2006. Most F1 drivers begin their racing careers in carting and continue to move up levels until they reach the Formula level. Gasly then began racing for Renault in Formula E and eventually got his first shot in F1 in 2017. Gasly raced 5 races for Toro Rosso in 2017 and was then signed to continue racing for the team in 2018. 

Gasly had an even better season in 2018 as he scored 29 points and finished in 15th place in the driver’s standings. Gasly then got the call up to Red Bull in 2019 and that is where his career took a major step back. Gasly was racing behind team Max Verstappen, who was extremely quick, and he struggled immensely to produce points and stay with the pace of Verstappen. 

To give credit where it is due, Verstappen is an extremely skilled and quick young driver who controlled the car extremely well and would push the car to its limits every drive. Gasly continued to try to adjust to the car, but nothing would work. Gasly struggled to score points and unfortunately never scored a point with Red Bull in 2019. 

Gasly was then shockingly sacked mid-season and was demoted back to Toro Rosso. This was a major turning point in Gasly’s F1 career as he now had to prove to himself that he could still drive a Formula One race car competitively. Gasly came back to Toro Rosso with a chip on his shoulder and actually scored a shocking podium with the team in the last race of the season. Gasly returned to the rebranded Toro Rosso, now called Alpha Tauri, in 2020. 

Gasly had a very good season as he finished in 10th place in the driver’s standings and scored 75 points. Gasly also won the Italian Grand Prix this season. 

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Gasly came back to Alpha Tauri in 2021 where he finished even better in the driver’s standings taking 9th place while scoring 110 points. Gaselys 2022 season has not gotten off to the best start as he has only scored 16 points in 9 races this season and is only in 11th place in the driver’s standings. 

Alpha Tauri has a competitive midfield car this season and it will be interesting to see how Gasly finishes this season. 

Gasly’s Next Step

Gasly is now in a very tough spot of his career, he has been performing very well with Alpha Tauri, but he has very very slim chances of returning to Red Bull in the next few years. 

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez are perfect for Red Bull as they have both been performing very well and producing immense points this season. Gasly is still linked in with Red Bull and it will be very interesting to see where he ends up in the future. 

Gasly needs to go to a better team than Alpha Tauri. Gasly deserves a very competitive car that he can compete for the championship with.