Alonso: Vettel’s Name Will Be Along Mine In The History Books

Double World Champion Fernando Alonso has said that he is “privileged” to have shared a race track with Sebastian Vettel, and he has no doubt that the German’s name will be remembered alongside his in the history books.

The pair took the Championship battle right down to the wire in 2012, with Vettel ultimately triumphing by three points.

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They also fought for the 2010 title, and Vettel, again, emerged victorious in the final race of the season.

Speaking about his relationship with the four-time World Champion, Alonso said there is a lot of mutual respect.

“Honestly, there is a lot of respect between us,” Alonso said.

“We have fought hard sometimes on track and we’ve fought for some Championships as well.

“All of those were on Seb’s side, from 2010 to 13, but still, I think, we show this respect when we meet each other on track.

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“It’s not only what you see on Sundays, there are lot of things that are happening on Fridays and Saturdays and I consider it a privilege to share the track with most of the guys here in F1, but especially with guys like Seb.”

Continuing, the Spaniard said he believes his name and career will be remembered alongside Vettel’s.

“It is something that will come with me, or with us, forever,” Alonso added.

“There are some names that go alongside your career and Seb will be one of those.”

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