Alex Albon reveals ‘disgusting’ injury at British GP

Alex Albon featured in the top three in all of the free practice sessions at the 2023 British Grand Prix.

Alex Albon has been one of the stars of this weekend’s British Grand Prix, with the London-born driver having qualified in eighth for the team’s home race.

The British GP is somewhat of a home event for the Thai driver, given that he was born in the British capital.

He’s been on fire all weekend at the Silverstone International Circuit, to the extent where he featured in the top three in all of the free practice sessions on Friday and Saturday.

Albon’s pace has been sensational, with the Williams drivers looking in with a real shot of a great points haul.

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He’ll seemingly be biting his tongue all race on Sunday though, following a recurring injury to his back.

Whilst talking to Sky Sports F1 after qualifying, it was noticed that he had a sizeable blood stain on his back by presenter Simon Lazenby, something Albon put down to “downforce”.

“It’s all the downforce. I have some rather big lumps on my back, is it bad?” Albon asked the Sky Sports F1 pundits.

2009 World Champion Jenson Button, ex-W Series driver Naomi Schiff and Lazenby all informed Albon that the injury did in fact look bad; however, the Williams driver seemingly shrugged off the severity of it.

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“It’s all the downforce we have, it just sometimes confuses you,” Albon said.

“It’s disgusting, if I show you my back, I’ve got lumps and bumps everywhere. I think because I’m tall, and to get into the car, to get positioned properly, I’m basically quite rounded in my shoulders and my bones stick out.

“Seriously, through corners like Maggotts and Becketts, it sounds disgusting, but I can feel my skin ripping as I go through the corner.”

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He went on to admit that his back tends to bleed after “every race”, with Albon revealing that his back simply “tears open again” after the tissue repairs itself whilst he’s not in the cockpit.

“No, it happens every race. I’m used to it now,” he admitted.

“My tissue breaks and then repairs just in time for the next weekend, but then it tears open again.”