Alex Albon fires new shot at Red Bull

Alex Albon has fired a shot at Red Bull after a difficult partnership with Max Verstappen at the team.

Williams driver Alex Albon has highlighted the distinct nature of his partnership with teammate Logan Sargeant compared to his experiences with teammates during his time at Red Bull Racing.

The British-Thai racer, who initially made a quick rise to the Formula 1 grid, now finds himself in a role where he mentors and guides his younger teammate.

In his early Formula 1 days, Albon made an impressive debut with AlphaTauri, which led to a mid-season promotion to the main Red Bull team. 

He spent 18 months alongside Max Verstappen but struggled to make a significant impact. 

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After a season out of the sport, Albon returned with Williams and has since demonstrated considerable improvement, evolving into a strong and competitive driver.

At Williams, Albon has embraced the role of a senior driver and is actively involved in helping Sargeant, an F1 rookie, adapt to the sport. 

When asked about whether his interactions with past Red Bull teammates influenced his approach to working with Sargeant, Albon provided insights into his evolving dynamics within different teams.

Albon explained, “You know, when I think about it, not too much, no. 

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“I would say when I think about my rookie year… 

“I’m thinking about my teammate compared to how I am. 

“It’s a little bit different.” 

He went on to elaborate on his experiences with previous teammates in the Red Bull program.

“When I think of myself against Danny [Daniil Kvyat] and Max… 

“Especially with Danny, obviously, we were much more rivals in a way that we were both in the junior team and we wanted to beat each other. 

“That’s the environment you had at the time in Toro Rosso. 

“We still got on very well. But there was not much advice or anything like that because, at the end of the day, we are truly competing against each other.”

Albon emphasised that his focus during his time at Red Bull was primarily on adapting to the car and improving his performance rather than seeking guidance from his experienced teammate. 

He stated, “With Max, it was more just trying to get up to speed. 

“Understanding the car was my kind of primary focus. 

“But I wasn’t asking Max questions like, ‘How do you drive this thing?'”

In contrast to Red Bull’s high-pressure environment, Albon noted that there is more patience at Williams, which allows for a different dynamic between him and Sargeant. 

The American rookie is still seeking his first point after 16 race weekends.

“I think with Logan, we’re in a position, which is slightly different to both my times, where, you know, we’ve got a car that we need to improve, and there’s a clear path that we want to be on,” explained Albon. 

“So, generally speaking, we are both very open because we’re not really in the same kind of competition against each other. 

“The way I see it is we’re fighting against the teams around us, so the dialogue is very open.”

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Albon highlighted the collaborative nature of their relationship, as both drivers work together to find solutions that enhance the car’s performance and competitiveness. 

He emphasised their shared goal of moving up the grid and competing in the upper echelons of qualifying sessions.

“In that sense, there is always going to be a slight difference,” concluded Albon, underscoring the constructive teamwork between him and Sargeant at Williams.