Alex Albon breaks his silence on Ferrari rumours

Alex Albon reportedly received interest from two teams last season to ditch Williams.

Alex Albon has quashed rumours linking him with a move away from Williams, with the Thai driver very much “focused” on the project being conducted at the British team.

Since returning to the sport with Williams last season, Albon has been sensational.

He’s filled the gap left by George Russell and has led the Grove-based team sublimely, something which has seen him linked to other teams.

Reportedly, two teams tried to sign the ex-Red Bull driver last season, only for Albon to show his loyalty to Williams.

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Albon insists the rumours are just “noise” but that the attention he’s getting means “things are going well”.

“I am focused at Williams and that’s really it in terms of that noise, which is a separate noise to rumours … it’s actual noise! It’s not really for me to focus on. My manager can deal with all that,” Albon told ESPN.

“The only thing that’s nice about rumours is it’s clearly showing things are going well. They’re nice rumours as well.

“I see some bad ones. It’s always my friends sending me this absolute garbage, like, ‘is this true!?’”

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The Thai driver added that it’s actually “nice” to have received attention from some other teams as it shows he’s performing well, but he stressed that his attention is on Williams’ “progress”.

“It’s always nice to receive attention in that sense. Not just in a media and outside sense, but it’s nice to feel it in a proper paddock sense, a team sense, where other teams are like that.

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“I think purely as a driver it’s all about performance. You’ve got to do your job and give yourself the best platform.

“My focus is on Williams and I’m excited to see this progress and see where it’s going to take us in one, two years’ time and see from there where we are, and can we be fighting for podiums?

“Because that’s my goal, that’s where I want to be, wherever that is. I want to have a chance to win races before I retire, before I turn grey and old! I’m ready for that.”