Albon handed grid penalty for 2022 Australian Grand Prix

Alex Albon and Lance Stroll crashed at the end of the 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix on Sunday.

The stewards have found that Alex Albon was to blame for his crash with Lance Stroll at the end of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, and have given him a grid drop for the next race in Melbourne.

In the closing stages of the race in Jeddah, Albon attempted an ambitious move on the inside of the Canadian into Turn One, but made contact as they converged on the apex.

It cost Stroll numerous positions, and the front left puncture incurred by the Williams put him out of the race as he was forced to stop at Turn 13.

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Subsequently, due to the debris at Turn One, coupled with the stricken car later on in the lap, yellow flags were shown in those areas, and Charles Leclerc was unable to go flat-out in his pursuit of Max Verstappen, who had just passed him for the lead and ultimately the win.

“The stewards, having received a report from the race director, summoned (documents 50 & 51) and heard from the drivers and team representatives, have considered the following matter determine the following,” said the stewards’ report.

They then confirmed that the Thai-Brit was at fault for the collision, and handed him a three-place penalty for the Australian Grand Prix in a fortnight, as well as two points on his super license.

“The stewards heard from the driver of Car 23 (Alexander Albon), the driver of car 18 (Lance Stroll), team representatives and examined video evidence in relation to the collision.

“Car 23 was attempting to overtake Car 18 on the inside by braking late. In executing the overtaking manoeuvre, Car 23 locked up and collided with Car 18 at the apex of the corner.

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“We determined Car 23 was wholly or predominantly to blame for the collision.”

Stroll himself insinuated after the race that the 26-year-old’s move was perhaps a rash one.

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“He dived and I felt like I left room, but I got a thump from behind. I’d have to watch the video though,” he said.

Carlos Sainz, Kevin Magnussen and Sergio Perez were all looked at after the race for ignoring yellow flags in the section that Albon’s car came to a stop, but no further action was taken.