Adrian Newey’s net worth surprisingly surges

Although Newey and Horner have enjoyed a highly fruitful partnership, former Williams team manager Peter Windsor speculates on the ramifications of Horner's hypothetical departure.

Red Bull’s technical maestro, Adrian Newey, has amassed a wealth equivalent to that of the team’s principal, Christian Horner, following nearly two decades of dedicated work behind the scenes.

Widely regarded as the pre-eminent technical genius in the annals of Formula 1, Newey has been the creative force behind Red Bull’s cars since his arrival at the team in 2005.

At 65 years of age, Newey has played a pivotal role in sculpting Red Bull’s recent supremacy, adeptly navigating the extensive regulatory alterations implemented in 2022.

Concurrently, he has delved into other exhilarating projects, including his involvement with Aston Martin in crafting their Valkyrie road car.

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Accruing a substantial personal fortune over the years, Newey’s net worth is estimated at approximately £39.6 million, a figure rivaling that of Red Bull’s helm, Horner, valued just shy of £40 million according to CelebrityNetWorth.

Whilst the precise financial terms of Newey’s contract remain undisclosed, his stature as the most successful designer in F1 history ensures his fiscal comfort.

Reports suggest that Red Bull enticed Newey from McLaren almost two decades ago with a salary in the region of £7.9 million per season, as reported by The Guardian.

Nevertheless, murmurs suggest that Red Bull’s austerity measures may see Newey estranged from their F1 operations in the foreseeable future.

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Allegedly, plans are afoot to reassign Newey exclusively to the RB17 hypercar project, thus expunging his salary from their accounts and releasing funds within their budget.

Under extant regulations, salaries of personnel must be fully declared if they exert any influence within the sport.

Thus, were Newey to transition permanently to the RB17 initiative, he would effectively be precluded from contributing to the team’s F1 endeavours.

Furthermore, conjecture abounds regarding Newey’s future should Horner face dismissal amid allegations of misconduct.

The ongoing investigation into purported ‘inappropriate behaviour’ following a complaint lodged by a female Red Bull employee could potentially precipitate Horner’s ousting.

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Although Newey and Horner have enjoyed a highly fruitful partnership, former Williams team manager Peter Windsor speculates on the ramifications of Horner’s hypothetical departure.

Windsor postulates that, in the event of Horner’s exit, Newey may contemplate retirement, perceiving it as the denouement of an era characterised by their harmonious collaboration.

In a YouTube discourse, Windsor mused, “If Christian departs, it’ll obviously be bad for Christian, but I think the bigger effect will be what effect it has on Adrian’s future.”