Adrian Newey to leave Red Bull if Christian Horner gets sacked

Christian Horner is under mounting pressure to resign from his position as team principal of Red Bull.

Adrian Newey and Christian Horner, bonded by a lengthy camaraderie, could face significant repercussions if the Red Bull team principal departs.

Their alliance spans almost two decades within Red Bull, orchestrating monumental triumphs that have inscribed their team’s legacy in the annals of history.

Newey has previously hinted at a temptation to align himself with Ferrari, a sentiment potentially rekindled as Lewis Hamilton forges ties with the Scuderia for 2025, hinting at a prospective dream partnership.

Amid Red Bull’s ongoing investigation into allegations of ‘inappropriate behaviour’ against Horner, slated for resolution in a forthcoming hearing, journalist Joe Saward posits that Newey might depart alongside him.

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Saward floated the notion on social media platform X, speculating about an unsubstantiated clause in Newey and Horner’s contracts, positing that if one exits, the other follows suit.

“It has long been believed that Christian Horner and Adrian Newey have contracts that protect one another,” he penned.

“If one leaves, the other can as well. This has never been confirmed, but it makes for an interesting dynamic if something were to happen to Horner…”

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Horner’s tenure extends until at least 2026, whereas Newey’s pact, penned early last season, remains a long-term commitment devoid of specified duration.

Red Bull is poised to unveil their 2024 car on February 15 from their Milton Keynes factory, just six days preceding the commencement of pre-season testing in Bahrain.

The team anticipates resuming their dominance exhibited at the conclusion of 2023, with contenders eagerly trailing behind, vying for an opportunity to challenge for victory.