Adrian Newey opens up on Ferrari switch

Reflecting on past temptations, Adrian Newey has revealed he could’ve joined the iconic Italian team, having got two offers from Ferrari.

Adrian Newey, the renowned chief technical officer of Red Bull, has recently disclosed that he had seriously considered the possibility of joining Ferrari on two separate occasions throughout his illustrious career.

Widely regarded as one of Formula 1’s greatest engineers, Newey’s designs have contributed to an impressive tally of 13 championship-winning cars.

Newey’s journey with Red Bull began in 2006, just one year after the team’s establishment, and rumours have since circulated regarding offers made by Ferrari to secure his services. However, Newey clarified that if he had ever contemplated a move to Maranello, it would have been during the 1990s.

In an interview with Sky Italy, Newey expressed his admiration for the legendary brand, stating, ” “I was very tempted to go there in the past, it is a legendary brand.”

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“They contacted me in 1993, I think, and then in 1997, when I went to McLaren from Williams.”

Despite the allure, Newey’s ultimate decision hinged on the well-being of his young children. He weighed the potential challenges of acclimating to an Italian school system and the necessity of relocating his entire family. Consequently, he remained with McLaren at the time.

“At the time my children were very young and I didn’t want them to change schools. Honestly, if I was 20 years younger…”

Throughout Newey’s career, an impressive array of drivers, including Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, Damon Hill, Jacques Villeneuve, Mika Hakkinen, Sebastian Vettel, and Max Verstappen, have secured championships in cars designed by him. 

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From Mansell’s triumph in 1992 to Verstappen’s second world title in 2022, Newey has remained a constant force in the realm of engineering, spanning multiple generations.

Reflecting on the diverse personalities of these championship-winning drivers, Newey shared intriguing insights. 

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Mansell, known for his unwavering self-confidence and physical strength, proved to be a fierce competitor on the track. Prost, on the other hand, exhibited a meticulous and methodical approach, occasionally leaving his team guessing about his true potential. 

Hakkinen and Räikkönen, both characterized by their reserved nature, conveyed their thoughts sparingly but with profound impact. Vettel, a contemplative individual, devoted extensive time to comprehensive debriefings, scrutinising every detail. 

Lastly, Newey classified Max Verstappen as a balanced combination of different traits, positioning him as a remarkable driver with his own unique qualities.