‘A politician’: Aston Martin warned about Fernando Alonso causing heads to roll

Aston Martin want Fernando Alonso to ask "uncomfortable questions" next season.

Ex-F1 driver Marc Surer thinks Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin could be a very good partnership next season; however, he’s sent a warning to the British team that “heads always roll” due to the Spaniard’s demands.

Alonso shocked the paddock after the Hungarian Grand Prix, where he announced that he’d be leaving Alpine at the end of 2022 and would be replacing Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin on a two-year deal, with the option for a third season.

Based on the British racing green team’s current position in the Constructors’ Championship, it’s left some wondering why Alonso has taken somewhat of a step backwards.

Alpine are currently excelling in fourth place, whilst Aston Martin are ninth; however, the 41-year-old has previously spoken about the ambitious plans possessed by the Silverstone-based team.

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Surer has sent Aston Martin a firm warning, though, that whilst Alonso is always “fully motivated”, he has a record of pushing teams too far.

“He is fully motivated, he pushes the team and yes, he is also a politician,” Surer said, as per Motorsport-Total.com.

“At the teams where he was before, there were always heads that rolled. Let’s see how it will be at Aston Martin now.”

Alonso’s relationship with Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll will be a fascinating one, especially given how demanding the double World Champion can be.

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Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack has already said that he wants Alonso to ask the “uncomfortable questions” in order to make the side better, with Surer believing that Alonso and the team owner will actually work very well together.

“I think the two are similarly wired,” the 71-year-old said.

“They want success by any means necessary. Stroll is happy when Alonso steps on the gas a bit – internally, too. I think the two of them are pulling in the same direction.”

2022 has been disastrous for Aston Martin; the side have failed to deliver a successful car for the new regulations; however, they do have a secret weapon for 2023.

Aston Martin did sign Dan Fallows, former head of aerodynamics at Red Bull in January.

They signed Fallows too late, though, for the former Red Bull employee to have an impact on the 2022 car; however, one would like to think that with Fallows behind the 2023 design, next season should be considerably better for the team.

“They always built a car at the beginning of the year and then looked at what the others had done and from Barcelona on, they were there [more in line with the rest of the field],” added Surer.

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“So the team is obviously not capable of building a fast car on its own. At least that was certainly the case until now.

“[But] now they have brought in good people. Dan Fallows was chief aerodynamicist at Red Bull, and Red Bull has the best aerodynamics in Formula 1, and if the long-time chief aerodynamicist at Red Bull is coming to Aston Martin, then things must be moving forward.

“I think that already gives hope for next year.”